‘Love Island USA’: Some Fans ‘Disappointed’ With Narrator Change; Others disagree


When love island one moved from CBS to Peacock, it also changed the narrator and host, replacing Matt Hoffman with Iain Stirling and Arielle Vandenberg with Sarah Hyland. While some fans appreciated Stirling’s comment, others were admittedly “disappointed” by the change.

Some fans did not like the change of narrator for ‘Love Island USA’ season 4; others disagree

After the first five episodes of love island one Season 4 fans are conflicted about the change of narrator from Matt Hoffman, who has voiced the series since season 1, to Iain Stirling, the commentator for the UK version since its inception.

One viewer took to Twitter and called Stirling’s voice “absolutely brutal”, “next level bad”, and admitted he was “disappointed” by the change.

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Other users agreed, adding that he doesn’t have a memorable joke despite his “OG” status. Another admitted that they liked Hoffman, saying that his comment was like “an inside joke” and often made comments that the audience might have thought of while watching the movie.

However, others disagree, referring to Stirling as the “OG narrator”. One fan admitted that he only started watching the American version because the “voice of Love Island UK” begins to speak for that. Someone noticed that his jokes may not translate for all viewers, causing a disconnect.

Iain Stirling replaces Matt Hoffman as ‘Love Island USA’ narrator

In June 2022, Peacock revealed that Stirling would replace Hoffman as narrator after three seasons and the move from CBS. NBCUniversal’s executive vice president of unscripted content, Jenny Groom, welcomed the decision in a statement, saying she felt the Scottish comedian represented “everything fans love about the show ” with his “humor , his irreverence and cheeky fun”.

Stirling began his stand-up career around 2007 and has since become a regular on the UK comedy circuit. He landed gigs in various UK children’s programs and participated in comedy game series. violent in 2019 after becoming the narrator of Love Island UK. He is now a regular in the reality series celebrity glass box with his wife and Irish actor Laura Whitmore and has developed a large following on Twitch.

Sarah Hyland also replaces Arielle Vandenberg as host of ‘Love Island USA’

A few weeks ago, the Peacock announced its decision to replace host Arielle Vandenberg, who has presented the series since its inception, with actress Sarah Hyland from modern family celebrities.

The New York native first landed her best-known role as Claire and Phil’s eldest daughter, Haley Dunphy, on the award-winning sitcom at age 19 after several brief guest appearances. other TV shows.

Aside from acting, Hyland served as a guest judge on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season 5 and released some music singles.

Vandenberg acknowledged his exit in a lengthy Instagram post in which he revealed that Peacock had “renamed” the show and decided to change the narrator and host. He said he was “heartbroken” about the situation but wished Hyland the best. love island one airs Tuesday through Sunday at 9 pm EST on Peacock.

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