Histoire(s) d’Occitanie: In Alzonne (Aude) between 1775 and 1787: twelve years of toxic relations

Oil on canvas, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, circa 1776-1779, Louvre Museum. (©wikipedia)

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Who has not been irresistibly attracted to a person who knows that this relationship is meaningless, even more toxic and from which one cannot separate? This is the case of Marie Huc and Dominique Farral, lovers between 1775 and 1787.

Twelve years of toxic physical love : seduction, promise, threat. Marie will have to face the consequences alone, especially if she marries someone else.

This story came to our attention through legal complaints that Marie had to repeat 4 times! Because she got pregnant 4 times! However, a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock puts everyone’s eyes on shame. Abortion is forbidden and Dominique refuses to marry him: he does not assume!

The misfortune of being seduced

We cannot be fooled by Marie’s declarations which prove that she forced herself to resist him, these are the usual formulas to cover her shame before the judge. Marie or the unfortunate “seduced”!

For Dominique, judge the character for yourselves.

1/ Declaration of pregnancy before the judge of Alzonne (Aude) on November 9, 1779:

Marie Huc, daughter of Jean Huc, brassiere (man hired by the day) from Alzonne, 23 years old:
“For there was the misfortune to be seduced by Dominique Farral who was constantly wooing her by going to her house and approaching her on all occasions that arose, to also go to the house of Mr. Saisset, a lawyer, where she lived. as a servant and about three months after Farral visited him often, he went to the house of Mr. every effort he made to defend himself and to avoid being recognized by Farral and since then he has been absent ceasing to know him physically at all times and in all places where he was able to be alone with him so that he was pregnant with his works, without ceasing to promise him that he would not lack anything during his life and because he was taught by the complainant that she is pregnant and that her father and mother forced her to listen (to declare her pregnancy to the judge, an obligatory step by royal decree when one was single), Farral told her, threatening her that otherwise the child would she conceived, he will burn her if she accuses him in her honor (with the judge), who asked her several times to accuse anyone but him if she listens to herself”.

Note that Dominique never bothered to promise his marriage, but a classic technique of the past for a man who wants to achieve his goals. But Mary, for all that, keep hanging out with the boor.

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2/ Declaration of pregnancy on March 6, 1781:

Marie Huc finds herself again before the ordinary judge:
She stated that “having the misfortune of allowing herself to be attracted by Dominique Farral, she should have complained to us about it during her first pregnancy but since then Dominique Farral would not have stopped to recognize her physically whenever the occasion will be presented. , goes to his house every night to woo her, repeats his marriage promises every day, takes advantage of every opportunity to get to know her physically every time they are alone and as if she is pregnant since the feast of St Michael, the last of The works of Dominique, who did not practice any young man”, he complained about this again.

3/ Declaration of pregnancy on May 2, 1785:

Marie “says that because she had the misfortune to suffer from the attentions of Dominique Farral for about ten years and that she was pregnant by him, Dominique should not have stopped to know her physically every time the opportunity presents itself. his house, who promised to marry her until his wedding celebrated about a year ago and since Dominique’s wedding, the latter has not stopped knowing her physically and themselves pregnant for about five months, he should have told her about it: for that he threatened to kill her if she declared to him that the author of her pregnancy, wanted to involve her in accusing a man other than him.
On September 7, his son was baptized by the “unknown father” whom he named “Jean Dominique”.

4 / Declaration of pregnancy on August 23, 1787:

The fourth time Marie Huc represented herself in front of the judge, she did 31 years today: “declared that she was pregnant for about 6 months from the actions of Dominique Farral, merchant and tailor from Alzonne who saw her for about twelve years and who went three or four times a week to his house where he knew him. in the flesh”.

Poor Mary!

Source: AD Aude, B1783.
Modern spelling and syntax.

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