After the success of Stray, we thought the dog team had this top of the cutest JV doggies

from its release on July 19, Strayness seems to bring out the feelings, and with reason! This simulator allows you to live through a beautiful ginger cat, and thus live your little life quietly. You guessed it, but there are many locations and quests to discover in the title of BlueTwelve Studioand if the latter seems to put our feline friends on a pedestal, how are our dog friends ?

In many video games, we have the opportunity to meet some doggies, very often lost, and sometimes they prove to be true allies in our adventure. Through this little tip, we want to pay tribute to the cutest dogs we found through JV licenses.

The top 5 cutest dogs in JVs

If you haven’t heard of JV’s dogs, it’s time to take a few minutes and read carefully what follows! Many titles offer specific characters, sometimes including dogs, whether they are “humanized” whether we say so or not. If some seem a little banal, others are very cute, starting with the great Mary in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Well, yes Marie is really a dog, and more precisely a shih tzu, and frankly, how not to crack up in front of his little face? In addition to the cuteness of his little duvet, he turns out to be extremely sweet and kind and is always there to support you in the various opus of Animal Crossing. Marie is a big yes with a well deserved first place!

For the second place, how to make a Top of the cutest and endearing dogs, not to mentionAngel from Final Fantasy 8 ? The latter is Rinoa Heartilly’s dog, and her appearance is based on the dog that Tetsuya Nomura had during the game’s development. In the title, Angel has an important place because he has certain skills that help Rinoa such as finding things, violently attacking a target or even reviving a KO character


In the third place, little crush on Bullet, the malinois that accompanies us in the horror game Blair Witch. Not only cute, Bullet is also here once again a great help because it somehow allows our character not to move too much “to the dark side”. The protagonist of the story has some psychiatric problems, and the dog allows him to stay on the land. In addition, he is able to find things to help us in our investigation to find the child who is lost in the forest.


In the fourth position, we have the purest cuteness with… The little Chorizo ​​​​​​​​​​​from Far Cry 6 ! This little dachshund on wheels has broken more than one heart, and it’s another valuable one for your title adventure. You can actually get it by completing a quest (cooking him a nice little dish made of crocodiles, that’s all), and Chorizo​​​​will be your friend and sometimes help you with some mission by bringing you some items or bothering your enemies.


Finally, last position *drum roll*… Ectodog in the Luigi’s Mansion license ! Well, okay we grant you, it’s not really a dog anymore, but it’s still a ghost dog, right? If in the old opus the latter was a distraction, in Luigi’s Mansion 3 he becomes Luigi’s pet, and helps him in teaching missions. Besides, it also allows our hero to come back to life if he dies.


This is a more than touching initiative that BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive studios put in place on the occasion of the release of Stray. For a donation to an association that helps stray cats, you can try to win a free copy of the game!

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