A 20-year-old woman is in a polyamorous relationship with 4 men: they are expecting a child

In the United States, a young woman named Tory shared the lives of four men. He had a child with one of them, and they all raised him. Tory is not the only woman in polyamory. Like him, an Isabelle Broué also maintains a relationship with many people at one time. Find out his testimony.

Polyamory or loving each other

For some, having more partners allows them to thrive. This is especially the case in Florence Rivière. Polyamorous since always, he decided to give up free rein in his feelings.

This practice also allowed Isabelle Broué to bring stability to her relationship. Like him, his partner is polyamorousand together they decided to meet other people.

Note that Isabelle is not always like this. According to him, he was monogamous for a time. It was only after the second breakup that his perspective on the couple changed. When he find a new partner, he agreed with her. They are in a relationship, but when one wants to be put in the third, the other should not object.

Despite this agreement, many years pass without any of them seeing a neighbor. It was only after his partner went abroad that the situation changed. Isabelle falls in love with a young woman and decides to go with her. Their relationship, which lasted only two years, he could taste for the first time in polyamory.

“Everyone has a right to their time”

For Isabelle, in polyamory, there is a primary relationship, and a secondary relationship. The first one was with his first partner. As he explained, this is a relationship that sometimes works “exclusive in circumstance, but not in principle”.

Source: Facebook screenshot

Isabelle also insists on the fact that in polyamory, you have to free and let his partner too.

“Everyone has the right to their chance (…) We can agree that on such and such a day, one or the other will spend the night with a third person. Everything is about communication,” he said.

4 partners and 1 child

In the United States, a young woman named Tory maintains an idyll with four men. He is polyamorous and remove it completely. The fact that she is raising a child with all four makes it even more amazing.

For information, Tory met her first partner, Marc, in 2016. She fell in love with Travis soon after. Also before Ethan and Christopher were together. He is the biological father of her child. To find out, hethere is no need to do so a DNA test.

“I am sure of this because I know the date of conception. According to the estimated day of conception, we are on vacation. So it’s just us,” he explained.

Polyamory, Tory with her 4 people
Source: Facebook screenshot

Jealous of polyamory?

If Tory is fulfilled in her relationships, however, she wants to include another woman in the group. And this, to breathe a little. In fact, as he explained, “time sharing and schedules” between four sometimes complicated. This explains why the arrival of another partner seems to be a good thing for him.

We might wonder if there isn’t even a little jealousy in polyamory. According to Tory, sometimes there is, but there are different ways to deal with it. It is enough to have little restraint and know how to relax.

Note that Tory’s family never agree with his choice. Unlike his friends, who “everyone knows [s]partners » and who find that they get along well. The young mother knew it, it will take time before people accepted polyamory.

“Many people grow up in a culture of monogamy, you never want someone to be in a relationship with more than two men or three women,” he said.

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