War: Love Shop VS Sex Shop

Exterior view

sex shop: Maximum hiding. Of the paraphernalia inside the store, you can only see the name, written on cardboard signs. In capital letters and in felt.

shop of love: Candy pink atmosphere. Hello Kitty is in the spotlight, on cushions, towels and a mug. A “sales” sign suggests that we will finally be able to buy a nurse’s suit at reduced prices.


sex shop: We are looking for a dead mouse behind the plastic chickens. History provides an obvious justification for the signs of rancidity present in the atmosphere. A lead, to find blemishes in those customers?

shop of love: The smell of plastic rises to our nose. Once the store gets a few bottles, we see the manager invest in a perfume diffuser. With notes of ginger, just to remind you not to go to any store.


sex shop: The syrupy dialogue of the TV show where the salesman throws a few glances serves as background music. However, we want to dust the shelves and freshen the air before worrying about the acoustic environment. When the cleaning is done, why not listen to Chérie FM.

shop of love: An instrumental compilation punctuated by Lio-style pop songs that are a bit indigestible. Tip: check out Madonna’s slightly sulphurous album Erotica. Or Love Street by the Doors, which appeals more easily to the male sex.

Seventh art department

sex shop: A gloss well given to videos of German origin. We think we spotted a pretty bad Virginie Ledoyen look in one of them. The size VHS retained. Whatever style you’re looking for – zoo, scat, sado-maso – you’ll find the right shoes for you.

shop of love: Hidden in the basement. In addition to fictions where nurses and innocent young women have golden roles, there are works by Andrew Blake – the “Scorsese of X” according to the porno-chic cover of the film Erotic Women. Here our animal friends are not welcome and to stay in the company of animals, you have to be content with musical strings preceded by a plush. Note that there is no love shop VHS: we play the card of modernity.

Skin department

sex shop: Supplies are very short. To play master and servant, you need to change the dairies.

shop of love: Enough to tie, whip and whip even an equestrian circus. And what’s more, this is a rather “cute” response from the seller. Inevitably, in pink and black, less painful.

Customer acceptance

sex shop: Absorbed in his television screen, he only watched a defiant look that never encouraged the advice of the many things stored in this cave.

shop of love: Sellers with happy smiles, as shown in the window. A security guard was watching. The equipment here is precious.


sex shop: There is no hurry in the narrowness of the rays. Some lonely souls, or young adults in gangs – who after 18 years in prison gave themselves a little favor – hesitated between pornography with Milfs and another “Special Insertions” .

shop of love: Couples of girlfriends stay in the lingerie department and shine two-piece swimsuits, reminding the sophistication of the clothing style of a Loana. Young parents accompanied by their young children in pushchairs also came here. All this pink inevitably brings to mind the world of baby clothes.

Since last May, a new born has been introduced among the sex shops of the boulevard de Clichy: Le Secret’s Pigalle. In the line of shops located until now in the Marais, this new shop is a “love shop”. Translation: out of the inflatable dolls, here the fair sex is in the spotlight. As Cédric, a salesman at the store, pointed out, “The love shop has no meaning. It is made for a slightly feminine clientele. The establishment of this first love shop in the territory of sex shops marks the beginning of a new competition.

SOURCE: Irene Hervois | StreetPress and 75019.streetress

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