They launched a petition for the creation of a beach for dogs in Hyères

“NOour dogs also have the right to a chance of innovation, they should not be punished for the behavior of some disrespectful masters who do not pick up. “, Anne-Sophie Guarino was angry. This Fardéloise is at the initiative of an online petition that is gaining momentum: More than 24,000 signatures in 15 days. “It all started with a dog walking Facebook group. I did not expect such enthusiasm, but it shows that the demand is strong”, he explained.

This request is for the creation of a beach in the town of Hyères that will allow dogs, which are currently prohibited throughout the year like other animals. In his petition and his letter to the municipality, Farlédoise puts forward different arguments.

An awareness panel to adopt the right actions

First, the dirt and hygiene. This is what Anne-Sophie Guarino accused the police when, last June, she went to a beach in Hyères accompanied by her dog, which she used to practice paddling. In the petition, Anne-Sophie Guarino wonders about the pollution that people leave on the beach every day: “I don’t understand how you can say that dogs are dirtier than humans, leaving cigarette butts, cans, diapers, glass bottles, plastic and more. Dogs only leave droppings that can be picked up.

He also insists that most dog owners are polite. But to prevent this risk of beach pollution through dog waste, the petition definitely asks for a limited space for dogs, possibly because of the size of the Hyères beaches, but also “a trash can and a notification panel aimed at the owners to adopt the right actions “.

“Fight to Leave”

Anne-Sophie Guarino also explained that it is getting difficult to practice activities with her dog. “In summer, with the drought, the forest massifs are inaccessible. The rivers are contaminated with cyanobacteria that are harmful to our dogs. We are local, so we are restricted. But this is also the case with tourists. Many of them signed the petition. “, lines Farlédoise.

The petition picks up on this theme by highlighting the fact that taking your dog on vacation is complicated because few places accept it. “However, the dog became more and more a complete member of the family. Creating a beach for dogs means offering activities to tourists with dogs, and thus fighting against leaving during the summer. “, added Anne-Sophie Guarino.

Asked about this, the town hall of Hyères recalled its role in preserving the safety of public spaces, of which beaches are a part. “We do not allow children to be seen on beaches among dog feces “, explained Fabrice Werber, Deputy Director General of Services.

The municipality refused

Like reserving part of a beach for cats, Fabien Werber explains that “la marie does not want to reduce the reception capacity of the particularly busy beaches, leaving its share to the animals. In addition, it means accepting the loss of a piece of beach that will become a canisette, and the town hall does not want to move in this direction. “.

Finally, the city of Hyères confirms its desire to live well with animals, but remembers that public health is a rule that it should not be harmed. “We have no intention of depriving animals of any benefit. But having an animal means accepting the restrictions that come with it, and accepting to leave it for an hour or two to enjoy our beach. “, concluded Fabrice Werber.

La Seyne recently opened a “toutou beach” in Saint-Elme.

This dog-friendly bathing area is located on a small secluded beach, south of the nautical base of Saint-Elme. But to avoid any accidents, it is requested that the canines are kept on a leash.

Throughout the morning, dogs of all types (note that 2nd category dogs must be muzzled and that this space is restricted to 1st category dogs) and their masters parade to come and enjoy a moment of innovation. Some were apparently in a hurry to get into the water.

Controlled by the police

Others, like Frileuse, are more hesitant. “He is a small dog who likes to go hiking “, jokes Carine, its owner. Seynoise seems to have won by creating the “doggie beach”: “The beach offers a shaded part in the morning and that is a big plus. This space is an excellent concept that allows everyone to have a good time. I always come with Frileuse and it is always pleasant.

At the entrance to the beach, a garbage can and a bag dispenser are accompanied by notice panels to encourage people to pick up dog waste. The police investigated to punish the abuses, because the residents started to complain about the dirt, especially on the small road leading to the beach.

Manon, from Marseille is on vacation with her family. He hangs on a long rope Séméio: “I understand the dissatisfaction, because some people are not very educated and have some ineptitude. I only picked up poop that wasn’t my dog’s. It’s a shame that other owners don’t play the game because places like this, so small, everyone should take responsibility”.

Bernard, came to him from the Paris region with his golden retriever dog Scarlett. “My first time here, and it was great. I understand that dogs are not on public beaches, it’s good to think about them. But it’s true that you have to do it in a respectful way.” appeared Bernard, taking from his pocket a small box containing sachets for excrement.

“Good luck guys”

From the biggest to the smallest, the dogs seem to enjoy splashing in the water or jumping where they don’t have “paws”. Manon discusses a central theme in the center of summer: “I think this type of beach is a very good initiative. It is a commendable action to fight against the abandonment of animals because it is difficult to find rent and activities when you bring your dog on vacation, that’s why some people want to leave them.”

Despite these problems, this new beach has apparently won over users, both locals and tourists.. Bernard joked with the other dog handlers. “Lucky for them, there are less people on this beach than ours “.

During the summer, most of the beaches on the Var coast are closed to our 4-legged friends. But where to swim with your dog? Some cities are gradually setting up dog bathing areas, allowing dogs to enjoy a refreshing moment of complete legality.

This is the case at Dog Beach bald. This pebble beach reserved for dogs is located at the end of the port of Bandol, on the Paul Ricard promenade. on Six four, a bathing area for dogs is limited to the beach of Bonnegrâce, more precisely to the part of the beach nicknamed Brutal Beach. However, be careful, categorized dogs are not allowed. on Toulon, there is no beach dedicated to canines. On the other hand, dogs on a leash have the right to bathe in the slipway of Anse Tabarly, at the eastern end of the Mourillon beaches. In the municipality of The London, there are also no real beaches open for dogs, but a rocky bath is allowed for animals. This place is located between Tamaris beach and Argentière beach, along the pedestrian promenade. on Bormes, Brégançon beach welcomes dogs along its entire length. They can swim there freely but must be put on a leash to cross the beach of Cabasson, which does not allow dogs. And at the end of La Seyne, opened this summer a “toutou beach” located south of the Saint-Elme nautical base.

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