[Fiches Draft] Jordan Love (QB), the love of risk

Jordan Love – Quarterback – 21 years old – Junior – Utah State

Cut: 1m93

Weight : 102 kg

Estimated draft position: 1er– 2nd round

Statistics 2019: 13 games, 293/473 (61.9%), 3402 yards, 20 touchdowns, 17 interceptions + 81 carries, 175 yards.

NFL Comparison: James Winston.

Strong points

– Good technique
– Exactly
– Strong arm

Jordan Love’s greatest strength remains his accuracy, in the short area (1 to 10 yards) and especially in the remote area (+ 20 yards). Even in motion, he can reach any point on the pitch without any problem. However, he favors the heart of the game in his decisions. Very aggressive, he doesn’t hesitate to seek deep threats if his priority target is locked down. A handsome athlete, he has a strong and quick arm, which does not weaken no matter the weather. He knows where to put the skin and thanks to his speed of reaction, he can find tight windows in a fraction of a second.

Love masters its position in the pocket. He has a great ability to feel pressure and knows when he needs to get out of it, or move a little to find an angle of attack. His mobility allows him to extend actions or gain a few extra yards on the ground, which is not a true double threat quarterback. However, he is more dangerous with his legs than his college games suggested as he still favors a pass over the run.

Brave, he never loses confidence. For better or for worse. He is willing to take big risks to achieve big gains. NFL scouts will especially appreciate his strength, his size, and some technical skills comparable to that of Patrick Mahomes. That’s why he was considered a first-round pick.

Weak points

– Decision making
– Read a defense

But before reaching this level, Love has to work. Work a lot. He remains highly predictable and rebounds statistically in 2019. His (very) big weak point remains his overall decision-making, with several interceptions thrown while he’s playing in the minors. conference. Being indifferent, he does not hesitate to draw, even if it is not the best option. He struggles to read the pitch and has a bad tendency not to increase his reads, settling on one or two options before sending the ball. He loses sight of the elements that provide cover and often sends directly in their direction. It’s the same story at the second curtain level where he can’t understand the position of the linebackers.

A quarterback who shows accuracy at all levels of the field is essential in the modern NFL. Overall, Love still lacks touch in intermediate zones (10-20 yards) with dangerous throws, making interceptions easy. The same goes for sideline passes. In this situation, it is usually a mechanical problem. His supports don’t match his vision which leads to bad balls, while his receiver is open. These things can be improved with work and practice, and he needs time to perfect that. Which leads us to think that he is not ready to start his first season right away. One to two years in the bank will allow him to improve and eliminate some bad habits.

Possible destinations

New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders

Why would he be picked in the first round? Simply because Jordan Love is so similar to Patrick Mahomes, with physical tools so similar to the Kansas City star that it cannot be ignored. And recruiters don’t want to lose another player like this. Mobile, he can pass all positions. He always keeps his eyes on the back of the pitch when under pressure and moves well in the pocket. One to watch out for, is his involvement in an incident with the police due to a history of alleged marijuana use or at least being in a room that smells of harmful drugs.

Even with Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota already on the roster, Love’s selection makes long-term sense for the Nevada franchise. The question of Carr’s ability to take his team to the next level still hangs in the air, and Mariota has never shown the consistency of a franchise quarterback. This will give him time to develop with a Jon Gruden who enjoys working with young quarterbacks. In Las Vegas, he ran a West Coast offense, with a well-designed fast game. Love can provide the touch of aggression that he so desperately seeks.

The Chargers should also be on guard, in search of a number 1 for the future. At this point, they are thinking of starting Tyrod Taylor. It’s enough for the former Utah State resident to take his classes quietly.

In the same vein, the Colts could also enter the dance, allowing themselves to let the young man toughen out a year behind Philip Rivers. A necessary incubation period with a great head coach, former NFL quarterback (Frank Reich) to erase his mistakes. He can also rely on the presence of a large line in front of him to hopefully perform at a high level and facilitate his adaptation. But without the first round, the young man should still be available on the second day. Unless they build a business.

Ultimately the Patriots might be the best situation Jordan Love can find himself in. A team looking for a master to play, Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham in front of him, the march is not very long before getting the starting position. He has the tools to lead New England into a new era of mobile quarterbacks, capable of throwing on the move.

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