Wallonia with your dog, a furry destination

The holidays are almost here and you might want to spend them in Wallonia, with your 4-legged friend. It’s time to disconnect, have fun and let your dog exercise during a stay full of surprising discoveries, unusual activities and beautiful views. Why not take it everywhere, especially since so many activities are accessible on 4 feet?

“On our website www.visitwallonia.be, we have a section dedicated to Wallonia with its dog,” explains Sandrine Delcourt, marketing director of Wallonia Belgium Tourism (WBT). “The offer is available online because it changes all the time, as new walks or new accommodation are listed. There are, for example, more than 600 “dogs allowed” accommodation. In in terms of activities, of course there are “dogs allowed” activities, but there are also a whole range of offers to create a unique experience to share with your dog, such as canoeing, paddleboarding or Draisines de la Molignée “.

Rising demand

Be careful, however, to get your information before going there for an event or activity and to make sure it is easily accessible to your 4-legged friend. Especially because in some walks, dogs are not welcome to respect the peace of the local animal.

Note that Covid is no stranger to expanding the offer. “During this time, a quarter of the households bought a pet and the demand for activities or accommodation increased,” concluded Sandrine Delcourt.

Note: more information at www.visitwallonia.be

Those who want to row with their dog get advice – DR

“Me, I come from the world of rafting, water sports and even kayak rental and I know Nisramont. A friend practiced paddling with a dog in the Netherlands so I said to myself “Why not in Nisramont? “. So I started 5 years ago although we can say that the activity has been more popular for 3 years”.

Want to do this

Which dogs can do this activity? “All races! I have a Chihuahua recently but you should know that if the dog is heavy, it is more complicated. It also all depends on the motivation of the animal and his desire to do it. It should be a “joyful” activity, it should not be stressful and only the master who knows his dog well will know if the animal will appreciate it”.

The idea, in any case, is to share a good time with his faithful companion. “People who come are usually people who are used to doing activities with their dog. Many even have a life jacket for the dog. For our part, we rent boards and we help and advise, both for the paddle and for the safety of the animal”, continues Roelian Oorschot who offers even initiations, in small groups, on Wednesdays.

The Explore Meuse Tourist Office offers many walks with your dog

The Explore Meuse Tourist Office offers many walks with your dog – DR

Regarding the Explore Meuse Tourist Office (Andenne, Dinant, Hastière, or even Mettet and Yvoir), we offer walks with your dog, such as the Grand Tilleul walk in Bioul (Anhée). “A nice walk with your dog with a water point every time. Five minutes after the start of the church and until the end, in the middle of nature, no car or anything else, found We only have one chalet on the whole walk,” we explained on the side of Explore Meuse. .

And stay? The site also lists accommodation that welcomes four-legged friends, such as this old farmhouse in a beautiful village typical of the Dinant countryside, near Lesse and the Furfooz park where two small cottages await you for the joy and the sport of the children and the relaxation of the parents but also of the doggies.

The town of Dinant, for example, launched the campaign “Dinant, all-in destination!” in April. », supported by the City of Dinant, with the support of the Maison du Tourisme Explore Meuse.

Dinant offers in its territory enough to satisfy the wide expectations of the public, whether Belgian or foreign. A territory accessible to the greatest number and with so many possibilities: we ride with our dog to go down to the Lesse, he goes with us to the Citadel and he can also take the boats that offer the Dinant-Anseremme cruise or Dinant – Freÿr.

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