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We haven’t heard much about NFT in the world of video games in recent months, but the sector isn’t dead for everyone, on the contrary. In the first half of 2022, we found that half of the investments raised by gaming companies went to blockchain and NFT-related startups.

Lots of acquisition and investment in video games

If the topic is foreign to you, we invite you to discover in our file what NFT is and how it can be used in video games. This digital certificate of reliability created thanks to a blockchain has not yet entered video games, but its investments have proven to be enormous.

According to a report by Drakestar Partners, the start of 2022 marks a record in terms of mergers and acquisitions with several hundred deals announced. Among the largest amounts, we can clearly mention Activision’s acquisition of Microsoft (68.7 billion dollars), Zynga’s Take-Two (12.7 billion dollars) or even Sony’s Bungie (3.6 billion billion dollars).

Let’s not forget the other players we rarely hear in Europe, but who are so great. Chinese company Tencent thus holds the record for deals of the year with 7 mergers/acquisitions.

A record more than 7 billion dollars can also be seen on the venture capital financing side with more than 11 rounds of financing of more than 100 million dollars. Epic Games led the pack with a $ 2 billion increase while Animoca Brands, Dream Games, Immutable, and that game company followed with a big deal of more than $ 150 million.

We always mention this with Xboxygen, investments in video games are plentiful and the sector is clearly on the rise, especially since the COVID pandemic.

Investors are interested in NFT and Blockchain

New sectors of investor interest include NFTs and Blockchain. Drakestar Partners has shown that more than half of the funds raised by video game startups will go to NFTs and Blockchain, with a total of more than $ 2.2 billion.

The leading largest investor in the sector is Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based mobile game company that, for example, invested heavily in the C2X platform in March, based on the Terra blockchain. It cost $ 500 million.

In January, Animoca Brands announced a fundraiser of more than $ 358 million to invest in NFTs and games and build an open metaverse. On July 12, the same company raised $ 75 million, bringing its valuation to $ 5.9 billion.

It’s not hidden by Animoca Brands, it just wants to be one of the world’s leading technology groups in the field of blockchain and games through “decentralized game rewards and monetization”.

Animoca Brands is working to build the open metaverse by bringing digital property rights to online users through the use of blockchain and NFTs; these technologies enable true digital ownership of virtual assets and user data, and enable a variety of DeFi and GameFi opportunities (including play-to-earn), asset interoperability, and an open framework that can lead to greater equity for all participants.

So far, many companies are talking about metaverse and monetization through NFTs, but few projects have done enough to show their interest in players. Looking at the amounts invested, this is only the beginning of a story whose outcome is not yet known.

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