NFT: Bored Ape Yacht Club launched its cryptocurrency and attacked the metaverse

Donkey Kong 3.0 – We have already announced a play-to-ear and a token for NFT BAYC’s collection of a previous post. Things finally happened! In fact, Yuga Labs, the company behind the collection Bored Ape Yacht Clubannounces the sale of land areas virtual in the metaverse. Another important element of this virtual world isAPECoina currency that Yuga will provide in-game.

Land sales: meta-real estate monkeys

Yuga’s grand metaverse plan will begin with sale virtual land in the form of NFTs. It will be linked to metaverse game plots. Plots have unique characteristics, such as natural resources, artifacts, and in some cases, unique characters. In general, 200,000 designs will be distributed in 2 sales in March and August this year. Yuga Labs hopes to reap $ 178 million, in addition to revenue from the second sale. However, the company will keep some of its virtual land for itself.

Animoca brands, a digital studio that also develops a racing game with Yuga, has already joined the launch. On March 11, 2022, BAYC effectively entered a new one fellowship with Animoca studio. Last week, the company also announced that it had acquired the intellectual property rights of CryptoPunks and Meebits, 2 popular NFT collections from Larva Labs. So Yuga was very busy at the beginning of the year.

We want to build something that expands the BAYC universe, but also invites the NFT community (including non -BAYC members) to join us. »

BAYC Company Statement

The BAYC collection launches real estate

The monkey collection has grown in importance over the past year. Lots of celebrities, like justin bieber hope Eminem, torn it. With the second sale in the market, these NFTs are changing hands$ 1 billion. Now Yuga plans to expand what it has to offer. The sale of virtual land is the first phase of the initiative. The metaverse game is aimed at to diversify earnings from the NFT collection.

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As a result, Yuga plans to create a metaverse that focuses on the game. “MetaRPG” consistent with many NFTs. There is a system that allows players to create characters, using NFTs they own or from left. It is also possible to equip them (again with NFTs) and use them in the game.

Money is another important thing to offer in this virtual world. In fact, Yuga plans to giveAPECoin to the players. This token will be used to purchase the application store provided by Yuga. The company says about its game that it will inspire as well trade and barter ».

Animoca Brands is developing a play-to-earn game at Bored Apes Yatch Club NFT.
Bored Ape Yacht Club game and money are on the Yuga Labs launchpad

“Building a legal compliance token and making it responsible and sustainable is more complicated. Not to mention utility and governance, which benefits our club members and introduces the BAYC ecosystem to a wider audience. For for the benefit of our members and the wider NFT community, we want to do it in a healthy way. »

Tweet via Bored Ape Yacht Club

Therefore, it should be understood that APECoin can also be a sign of management pRaCtICes within a CAD to enable decentralized management of the future of BAYC. it CAD allow members to decision allocation of funds, projects and partnerships and so on. Holders of famous NFTs will be able to claim their tokens from now, the date of the main list exchange.

The game was last updated in February 2022. The game is distributed to investors as part of the collection process. In fact, Yuga will find out strengthen its cash flow for an appreciation of up to 5 billion dollars.

The total number of NFTs BAYC The assets represent, to date, a market capitalization of 2.04 billion dollars. The Yuga Labs NFT collection, with the participation of Animoca Brands and new products planned, has a bright future ahead of it. In an explosion of unity community mass, the monkeys have just been made donation of 1 million dollars to ether (ETH) in Ukraine to support the population in the conflict between the country and Russia.

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