[Musique] Lizzo, symbol of love

Hi motherfucker, do you miss me? / I’ve been at home since 2020 / I twerk and make smoothies / It’s called healing ”. This is an introduction that lacks spice!

In fact, Lizzo has it in spades, launching her new album with a phrase that symbolizes her philosophy of living well: recognizing and accepting herself in order to better appeal to others. . He sings slowly, always in the opening song The Sign “I feel better since the last time you met me”. Apparently if we follow the course for ten years one has, partly anonymous, become the queen of self -esteem in the United States.

A positive development built into the stages, which have been the focus of many albums: first the first, Lizzobangers (2013), in which this Houston native slowly came to know himself, followed by Big Grrrl Little World (2015), urging him to embrace his generous curves and eccentricities. Then the coup de grace with Because we are loved (2019), a mainstream audio disc with spades hits, was rightfully awarded three Grammy Awards. Since then, as confirmation of his goals, everything has been successful, as has the success of his reality show, Beware of the Great Grrrlsnominated for an Emmy, American television awards.

This series, in which Lizzo takes the lead role, faces heavy-bodied dancers against each other (who, if successful, will join her tour). The message is clear, but the singer – and very good flute player – reminded us on Instagram: “We did it for us, not for the rewards! Shake the industry and show the world how beautiful we are. and talent. ” Originally an activist for LGBT rights, she now says she “fights for all kinds of love”. special a show of force, with twelve songs in an intimate way where everyone talks about the feeling of love: to a partner, his friends, his body or even himself.

Dancing hymns, punctuated by some bursts of laughter, that’s Lizzo’s approach!

As he admits, “he’s better”, and it shows, from the first piece that was posted online and went viral on TikTok: About Damn Time, a soul-disco nugget that can unravel your legs and move your hips. Dancing hymns, punctuated by some bursts of laughter, that’s Lizzo’s approach! So it’s time for release and shamelessness, with some supposedly kitsch impulses and the big synthesizers of the 1980s. More subtle things too, like this amazing double tribute to Lauryn Hill (Break Up Twice) and Chris Martin’s band (Coldplay).

A little “attitude” funk, “sweet” hip-hop from the era dance to the beat in Prince and well -felt pop, Lizzo continues the rich mix of genres, for a result that is at least the same as the previous album – which is not yet a conclusion. “I’m so proud of this album. It’s literally a classic, without error. The best thing I’ve ever done,” the 34-year-old singer said last week for the show. now from NBC, at the foot of the chain studios at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. Before, as a character, to make the show in a blue jumpsuit to the most beautiful effect.

Behind the dancefloor and humor, special don’t forget the message, important in the eyes of the artist, who, here too, aims broadly: optimism, acceptance, progressivism, feminism … He defines Apple Music: “What I have done so far about this research. In the past, I talked about the person I wanted to be. With special, I celebrate the person I am today. It’s an album that’s rooted today. Because love is only possible now.»Lizzo, kindly, sows him at all costs, sending his joy by publishing, flashing, that” every day is a birthday “(birthday girl). This is the most beautiful gift.


Released July 15

Nice Life / Atlantic label

Genre pop / funk / soul

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