Love is in the pasture: Great disappointment in love for a participant with a suitor

Julie, L’amour est dans le pré is accustomed to telling the press about her personal situation. After revealing that her love affair with Jean-Michel is over, she now trusts the new man in her life. But love has not yet knocked on his door.

Julie was traumatized, she was taken away

By joining Love is in the pasture, Julie meets Jean-Michel. They fell in love and left the set together. After two years of love, their story is over. In the press, he knows he has gone through a traumatic and difficult event: ” At first, Jean-Michel and I were very quick. We met in March and September I got pregnant. I got it“. In the Current Women columns, she agreed to say more.

At the time, it was hard, because it was something I was looking forward to and that meant I started out not even knowing if it was the right person. The desire to have a child has taken its place. It was a difficult time for me. On the eleven week ultrasound I learned that the fetus had stopped growing within three weeks. That was cruel“.

Julie thinks of finding love again

Her relationship with Jean-Michel from L’amour est dans le pré is over, Julie meets another man. When his picture was posted on the M6, a letter caught his attention. But the said suitor did not want to appear on television. After her breakup, she decided to contact him. Now, she considers him a close friend, even if she still plans to be with him. This is what he told our colleagues from Purepeople:

I met a friend I loved very much. He is my best friend but I love him so much. (…) Now, I wait for what life has in store for me. I can’t even look because my feelings are pretty strong, so it doesn’t matter if it goes one day further with him or not.I allowed myself to be fooled“.

If he uses the term “friend” to refer to him, he wants to enter into a relationship. Unfortunately, this desire was not reciprocated: While he was by his side, no. This man was all I was looking for. He doesn’t want to anymore. He was kind enough to let us get away a little. But this bond will never be broken“.

Soon a new love story for Julie?

His best friend, however, did not close the doors. Maybe one day he’ll see his girlfriend. ” But now, his life and his wounds have become like that. I don’t know how to evolve in life this bond. I don’t want to look elsewhere. On the other hand, maybe someone can block my way. But I won’t take a step to find someone because I have to move on. I don’t have to be in a relationship like I used to be“.

The young woman continued to hope. On our side, we obviously want her to find happiness, in the arms of her best friend, or in the arms of another man. In any case, he continues to take care of himself. In fact, we remember him posting on social networks a remarkable weight loss. In a few months, she lost more than 20 kg. A well done proves that he has not neglected himself and he wants the situation to be good. It must be said that despite her getting pregnant, she will not lose hope of becoming a mother one day. But not to just anyone:

But just be with the one I love. At some point in my life, I was ready to do one of my own. It won’t happen now. I work in loneliness to feel good. Anything that happens can be a plus. I’m good at myself“. We hope he finds this man he can make his own family and be happy.

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