In a relationship of two years, they discover that they have a father (their decision is unbelievable)

While they are in love and have been in a relationship for two years, these two young women have discovered that they have a parent, enough to create buzz on social networks!

Carley and Mercedes, two young women from the Ontario (Canada) region, are quietly living their love story, when all of a sudden, a revelation changes everything. Recently, the couple discovered that they have the same father. Their mothers had two relationships with one man before.

Very active on social networks, especially on TikTok where the duo has almost 800,000 subscribers, the latter certainly did not expect the news to fall on them. Carley and his girlfriend Mercedes can be reunited with relatives as siblings in the middle of the night!

And in fact, the two young women created a huge buzz by posting a video to announce this amazing revelation. A first video, soon followed by many others, in which the lovers cleverly tickle the curiosity of Internet users. Until they began to doubt the truth of their story.

So, the simple step of marketing to have multiple insights and “followers”, or real fact, the editorial staff invites you to judge for yourself by discovering this unusual story.

In love, they know they are half-sisters

@carleyandmercedes should we get a DNA test? 🫠 #fyp #foryou #wlw #xyzbca #siblingsordating ♬ the joke is on you. icarly – Kate

Carley Gonschior and Mercedes Stewart, two young Canadians have been in a relationship for two years. Very popular on TikTok and more recently on the OnlyFans platform, the two lovers never missed the opportunity to share their daily lives as a couple with their 500,000 loyal subscribers.

However, one particular video, posted by two young women living in the province of Ontario in Canada, could provoke the hottest controversy among Internet users and elicit the strongest reactions.

This video in question, shared by two young women facing the camera, on June 18, 2022, went viral on social networks. Viewed over 12 million times, it has been commented on over 10,000 times. In fact, if this famous video aroused such enthusiasm, and also shocked their many subscribers, it was because of its even more unusual content.

In a report in the British daily “The Independent”, Carley and Mercedes explained through this video that they discovered that their respective mothers had previously had a relationship with the same lover. A discovery that can spread confusion in their relationship! The duo accompanied the shock video of this legend: ” When we discovered after a two -year relationship that our mothers were sleeping with the same man. » This publication was relayed with the hashtag #siblingsordating, an expression that can be translated into French as “siblings or as a couple?»

“Do we have a DNA test? »

But if the two young women, who are in love with each other, seem surprised at first, they will be a bit more challenged if they ask their subscribers again. Asking them this time, if they thought it was a good idea for him to do a DNA test, to check if they really had blood relatives and therefore sisters.

Should we do a DNA test? “. With this frightening question, Internet users are a bit confused, rushing to answer the comments section of social networks. Some find that it does not surprise them because they often see that the two young women look alike, as they mean by these sentences:

It might explain why you look like brothers “,” I don’t know who you are but I immediately thought you were brothers, even before the text was read “, or even “do a DNA test right away! », we read the reactions of Internet users.

For weeks, videos of the two Canadians were involved. They showed their surprise at this revelation with eight videos in total, watched by their large community between June 18 and June 25, and that didn’t fail to collect over 40 million views. Young women in a relationship seek the opinion of their fans on the need for a DNA test.

And in fact, Carley and Mercedes will actually do a DNA test a week ago. He will determine if they are ultimately half-sisters. They even filmed themselves doing a saliva test in a short production that was watched more than 2 million times. But, for now, both Ontario natives are still awaiting the result.

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Skeptical netizens

Until then, the question everyone has been asking, as the two lovers spoke to Internet users on OnlyFans: that is, if the results of this test turn out to be positive, what will happen to their relationship? Do they have to end their love story and be determined to separate?

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However, as the days go by, it is a radio silence, and there is no return to the horizon of this DNA test, the results of which are usually given after three days. What is creating controversy among the most skeptical fans. In fact, for this category of Internet users, two young women created this story from scratch, for the sole purpose of getting the most views and having the most followers. Tik Tok.

“I think they’re taking advantage of this topic because they know they don’t have a connection”, testifies one user, or even “They did it all for visions and never took the test”, while the third subscriber was convinced that the two young women were riding the wave of buzz and therefore took advantage of it to optimize and increase their visibility on social networks. Apparently, Internet users do not seem to be convinced of the truth of this remarkable story. As for young women, half-sister or not, they were still able to keep up with the web for weeks …

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