his “crazy love” with Charlotte Valandrey who “asked him about marriage”

Yann Moix and Charlotte Valandrey have a passionate relationship. The writer did not resist paying him a final award for the taste of salt, at the Paris Match. She recounts “blood-soaked lips”, the day she found out about her muse’s illness and the marriage proposal …

Yann Moix is ​​very much in love with Charlotte Valandrey. Their beautiful warm friendship was born out of love at first sight in the dark rooms. The author with controversial positions offers his longtime friend a touching award, in a forum for Match in Parisan impossible farewell in which he gives us his trust, but also his friend, “this young woman was very beautiful, very fierce, very wild“.

Yann Moix, about Charlotte Valandrey: “I decided to go crazy in love with this woman”

If Yann Moix described Charlotte Valandrey as “sister“that he”unta aduna“, it was the love of the actress’ first appearance in front of the film Red Kiss (1985) which gave him this fierce desire to meet her. I decided to fall in love, crazy in love, this woman my age, with an exciting complexion, a plump lip, a sulky pouts, a round forehead.. “

Moix became a Valandreyphile, began collecting magazines featuring his idlas muse, cutting out his pictures and other photographs. After the release of his first book joy to heavenhe claims to be looking for a lead role for the adaptation of his cinema work and took the opportunity to contact him …

Yann Moix and Charlotte Valandrey: “A week later, he asked me to get married”

The actress and the writer form a sincere and loving relationship. She expressed how she felt about him. “A week later, he asked me to get married“, Laughed Yann Moix in the columns of Match in Paris. “I refused, bewildered. He was having fun and I chased him“Charlotte Valandrey set fire to a raging fire, and burned those who approached her. Yann Moix did not escape it:”Ah you want mad love? I’ll give it to you! ”Cried her movements“, the writer further specifies about his friend. Until tonight, where the young woman responded to his invitation…

Yann Moix of Charlotte Valandrey: “This sulky lip, I tasted”

Then, his fantasy as a young man ended in his bedroom, in his bed, the author said. Yann Moix evokes the rise of desire, the flesh that clings, the teeth that clench the lips:This smoky lip, broken with salty blood, I tasted; he is no longer a chimera, he is no longer a poster“. Then his violent return to reality, his humor.” ‘Do you know my secret? ‘ This question provoked pain. I understood before that this was true: that the virus was, in my room, in my bed, in him“.

Yann Moix already has the echoes of this rumor. But he hopes the noise in the hallway is a lie: “A week ago, an actor, whom I had proposed to play him, pierced my stomach by hitting me, in the most brutal way possible, (…) a: ‘Charlotte Valandrey? You’re crazy. Forget it. She has AIDS!‘”.

Yann Moix: “I have no proof he’s gone forever”

After the actress’ confession, Yann Moix understands that there is no possible love between them, knows his humor, his fear. Charlotte Valandrey immediately forgave him, and the two promised each other a friendship stronger than love: to be all, to be anything, except lovers“, the writer redefines. Something more beautiful, bigger, that will last over time.

He said: I followed up on his heart pains and his heart transplants; the episodes, sad, where he said goodbye to me before going to the hospital, the endless wait for a donation“, she recalls. At 53, after a third heart transplant, Charlotte Valandrey died, leaving her daughter, her relatives, her friends, uncomfortable. But Yann Moix still wrote:”I have no evidence that he is gone forever. “ To continue to live in the hearts of the people who love us …

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