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On the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of Egypt, Egypt’s Ambassador to Spain, Youssef Mekkawy, hosted a banquet at his residence where he made a point of emphasizing the “serious” relations that united Spain with the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In his gratitude, Mekkawy said Spain and Egypt “constantly working together to maintain a high level of cooperation and coordination across all sectors”. In this context, he highlighted the visit of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, in December 2021, which demonstrated the “high level of cooperation between Spain and Egypt”.

With the same aim of strengthening relations and cooperation between the two countries, the Ambassador highlighted the visit of the Egyptian Foreign Minister to Madrid in April 2022 as “another example of a good relationship”.

During these meetings, held between Madrid and Cairo, one of the main topics on the agenda was climate change, all the more relevant. Egypt will host the 27th UN Climate Change Conferencewhere Spain will be one of the visiting countries.

On the other hand, for Egypt, economic promotion between the two countries is “a priority”, so this is an area where we continue to work diligently. According to the Ambassador, “Spanish investments in Egypt have reached eight billion dollars and 215 Spanish companies have made in Egypt”in different fields such as transportation, services, tourism, construction and finance.

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Mekkawy claims that Egypt and Spain created and a “solid partnership” that benefits “both friendly countries”. Likewise, the Ambassador gave as an example the formation of the Joint Business Council where the Declaration of Financial Cooperation was signed in which “our values ​​and our proposals are implemented in a joint mission abroad”.

Celebration of the National Day of Egypt

In addition to promoting the good relations that unite the two countries, Mekkawy wants to celebrate July 23, 1952 as a day on which “All Egyptians are always grateful, because it marks the date that the Egyptians want to fight for their own destiny”.

In this path of building a strong and sovereign Egypt, he emphasized that the country was doing “Several efforts are underway to plan its development, adding 40,000 kilometers of constructable land and completing the construction of 64 land houses and smart towns in Cairo”. He also highlighted Egypt’s important position in terms of trade, as the country “has become one of the region’s most important exporters and one of the largest exporters of energy”.


In addition, he repeated “the increase in the budget approved by the country to invest in education, scientific research and in the construction of more schools and universities” and to “widen the Suez Canal and cultivate fertile soil”.

At the same time, the commitment of the energy sector is not included in this initiative, as is the culture after the opening of the new museum in Cairo “with the majestic procession of royal mummies, makes it the largest museum in the world “.

Regarding the fight against COVID-19, Mekkawy said that since the beginning of its history, “Egypt has shown its ability to become a more powerful country. The country is working hard to get back to normal and trying to recover while continuing economic plans. ”

He praised the country’s economic growth, which was “one of the few countries in the world to register 3% growth during the pandemic”. At the same time, he admits that “Egypt is working closely with the international community to address this global challenge”.

That is Events like this testify to the good cooperation and close relations that exist between Egypt and well as their willingness to continue to work together to continue charting a common and beneficial path.

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