an intimate dive into the darkness of loss

Everything always starts with a love story (a soliloquy around loss) a touching scene that explores loss.

Everything always starts with a love story, and then sometimes, at the age of 7, we find ourselves left by a father. And then emptiness and lack will replace love. He still lives in the house with the red shutters, but he doesn’t. So you must learn to do with, or rather without; will succeed in the incomplete disappearance of this muddy void and in restraining the anger that hastened to build its nest.

Digital, musical and visual writing intertwine it fragmentary narrative which tells us to build a love and a lack; WHO explore the loss and the different forms it can take over time. However a construction that seems a bit confusingthis beautifully rendered piece-puzzle leaves no one indifferent.

“Why is it so difficult to say ‘I am’? Why is it so difficult to allow oneself to see, to allow oneself to be seen, without trying anything but oneself? Why is existence so difficult?’

Trying to minimize the loss

The young woman evokes memories, wonders, questions in us and is installed from the first moments close public relations, the fourth wall will disappear automatically. He welcomed us and led us into this story where we also play many roles : that of a family member, confidant, witness.

© Christophe Raynaud de Lage

And don’t be fooled the apparent light of the first momentsit’s just a tiptoeing approach what growled and threatened within, very difficult to comfort, digest. He entered it little by little, through chapter headings, family photos, excerpts from his children’s letters, or the like. projected personal archives on sliding panels. Like this meaning of the word “lost” that keeps repeating itself.

From boiling to boiling

Mrs. R. clings to the story of his story, to its smallest detail. she go back in time and put the puzzle pieces together who led – not without difficulty – the girl in her life as a woman, crossing age and roles who notes this construction. With a sad baby face and a little princess dress worn only in her arms, she recounts her 7th birthday, the birth of her sisters, the sudden feeling of being out of place, the fear of disturbing…

And then, while he was talking to us about someone he designated as “the man who gave birth to her” to keep him at a distance, this pent-up anger that was screaming inside finally erupted. Anger at the loss of a father, to mourn a living is impossible, the missing. The artificial paradises then became a refuge while black swallowed everything.

Avignon 2022 – It all started with a love story_4
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage

The words, then, overflowed like the lava of a volcano that has been sleeping for a long time. And what first sounds like a trust gradually takes the form ofan endless complaint, in a long confusion.

A slightly sophisticated build

The form of this performance is quite confusing and complicated to understand At first glance. Indeed, this Mademoiselle R. who stands before us, without art, is instead author, actress and historical character close to where it immerses us. And when we quickly understand that this is one and the same person, scattered, we wonder if this somewhat confused construction is really necessary for the purpose.

Avignon 2022 – It all started with a love story_3
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Especially since the sensitive interpretation of Anna Bouguereau enough to give this manifestation all the power we feel vibrating at its source. In fact, the actress that we discovered in 2019 in her solo stage Joy – that got us big crush – disturbingly sincere. More on this why Everything always starts with a love story is a part of hope in our choice for this new edition of Pista OFF.

one more time, he hypnotizes us with his presencesimple and true, with his gaze that seems to read deep into the soul, and these words of Pauline Ribat which he cares very much. So that despite all the pain and violence in this story, sweetness and hope don’t stop for a moment in going there.

Everything always begins with a love story (a soliloquy around loss), written and directed by Pauline Ribat, with Anna Bouguereau, played from July 7 to 29, at 6.50 pm, at 11. Avignon ( canceled on Tuesday).

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Avignon 2022 - Everything always starts with a love story



An intimate and powerful story

However, this story is so intimate and personal that we miss being able to make ourselves more than it, identify with it, connect something from our history with it and access more concretely the universal ones. this is emotion.

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