what will happen to Johanna from Hélène and Les Garçons?

Rochelle Redfield, or Johanna in the Hélène Et Les Garçons saga, will be 60 on July 20th! But what happened to the actress who was camping in the Texas storm in the AB sitcom? Did you know he calls his on-screen teammates “slap heads”?

Rochelle Redfieldaka Johanna in the saga Helen and the Men, turn 60 on July 20! Remember (how to forget) his cries piercing into his Cricri d’amour that echoed in the men’s garage … Thirty years ago, what had happened to the Texan had already entered the hearts of AB fans sitcoms?

Rochelle Redfield model for Yves Saint Laurent

Like his character Johanna sa Helen and the Men, Rochelle Redfield was born in Dallas, Texas. In the 80s, Americans decided to travel to Europe. First of all modelespecially for Yves Saint Laurent (that’s all), he tried a career as an actor. He was able to take the first role in the Italian film And I like itthen fly towards France… We know the rest!

Rochelle Redfield: the actors in Hélène Et Les Garçons, “slap heads”

Since 1992, Rochelle Redfield has introduced herself to millions of French people by interpreting the storm with a big heart, Johannain the sitcom Helen and the Men.

In the series, Rochelle Redfield portrays an American who is willing to do anything for her group of friends from college and especially in Christian, the drummer in the band, alias Cricri d’amour. But when the cameras come out, the actress is not always the same wavelength as her peers. It has to be said that when the actress arrived on the set of the Jean-Luc Azoulay sitcom, she was 30 years old and mother of a little Austin (now 34 years old), while most of her colleagues were almost 20 years old.

“Do I have a relationship with Sébastien (Roch, alias Christian in series, editor’s note) in time? No, I don’t, he’s 18. (…) They knew I said that with a lot of love and affection, but it slapped the head“, he trusted the show Private Access in m6.

Rochelle Redfield faces Hélène And The Boys

Rochelle Redfield is also frank about what she thinks of the sitcom: “I thought it was poorly written, the sets are unbelievable. But it doesn’t matter: I do it, it is ate, it’s just one thing among others. (…) There are many more wonderful things in my life that are more wonderful than Hélène and the men.“.

Rochelle Redfield, back in The Mysteries of Love?

But this observation did not prevent Rochelle Redfield from responding to the present in the rest of the Helen and the Menduring the filming part of Holiday of Lovefrom 1997 to 2004, and to return, more recently, to a package of stages Mysteries of Love.

The actress, who however did not appear in an episode of Mysteries of Love since 2019, there are currently no plans to return to the series. Explained by his former colleague Hélène Rollès TV 7 Days: “He lives in the United States. It’s more complicated to do. He misses us so much“.

Rochelle Redfield became … an artist!

But now, Rochelle Redfield is living peaceful days in her homeland, where she lives. painter and illustrator. On her website, the actress shares and sells her works, which sell for up to $ 3,000. He reveals that he lives in the Hudson Valley, New York State.

Rochelle Redfield, mother of four

Rochelle Redfield too the proud mother of four childrenthree sons, Cameron, 22, Cole, 26, and Logan, 19, and a daughter Austin, 34.

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