Time of well -being for two: a duo massage session with your dog

It’s not just people who deserve to relax! The Instagram account @1heurepoursoi offers a unique opportunity of goodness to share the love of our lives: a duo massage with our dog, all at home in a relaxed and caring atmosphere.

In the back the Instagram account @1heurepoursoi hidden by Laurane, 28. After studying communication and marketing at IHECS, he first worked on the e-commerce site of a major Belgian brand, then at a digital marketing agency and finally for a fresh dog food brand. (Well) . “I have always had an adoration of animals but more so of dogs. When I see one on the street, my heart breaks… Almost all my relatives have it and I myself have had a pug in my life for 3 years“, He trusted us.

During a long trip to Guadeloupe Laurane trained in massages. At first as a counterpart to his work, but in the end everything is very fast. He then practiced canine massage near Liège with an osteopathic veterinarian. With a busy schedule, she massages daily at her clients ’homes. in Brussels and Namur.

A duo massage with your dog, how was it?

Each session is tailored. I introduced myself to the dog before massaging his master. Usually during “human” massage the dogs will enter the room and relax to the music. The atmosphere is then more relaxed for the dog massage that follows “, Laurane explained.

For 1 hour, Laurane took care of the mistress and then came the dog’s turn. The smoke massage time lasts about 20 minutes, all depending on the reception of the animal. “Some dogs sit for a long time before fully relaxing. Some were rolling on their backs before I could touch them. It is very important that the mistress is close to us, because stress will decrease faster.. ” How to do canine massage? After putting her on a blanket she knew, Laurane began with caresses to try to slowly gain her confidence. “Thanks to the movements I first made in certain parts of the body (parasympathetic nervous system), they started to relax slowly. The back is a nice place because they don’t know how to get there. it on their own.

The list of benefits is long. : relieves stress, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscles, better develops the brain of puppies and their immune system, … And sometimes, massages also make it possible to identify of an anomaly that has not been noticed until then: “It occurred to me to discover pain or osteoarthritis in a dog without the owner’s knowledge. If I feel that the right front foot, for example, is hot or sore, it is sometimes because the dog is busy paying and filtering his front foot due to swelling in the back.“, He explained.

To the question “Are canine massages suitable for all breeds of dogs?”, Laurane answered us: “My massages are good for all breeds of course, although I often see certain types of dogs:

  • Athletic dogs are good clients because they often need to relax their muscles.
  • Older dogs because massages improve their mobility.
  • female dogs that give birth should be cared for.
  • Dogs that show their backs to themselves are the easiest. They love to be touched and I can really do the whole protocol with them.
  • Dogs that have experienced trauma are often anxious dogs, they are my favorite to massage. The bond is harder to create but once the dog “accepts me”, it’s a joy for him like me.

A duo massage with your dog costs 90 €. When booking, it takes place directly on the Instagram account @1heurepoursoi or by email via the address rdv1heurepoursoi@hotmail.com.


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