Longueuil wants to organize hunting sessions this fall to reduce deer populations

After announcing a month ago that the slaughter of deer would be suspended at Michel-Chartrand Park, Longueuil will finally resume this fall. The mayor, Catherine Fournier, called for the urgency of the situation and wanted to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks of Quebec (MFFP) for “controlled hunting. […]no weapon ”, with a crossbow.

“Details of the intervention plan, including details of hunting sessions allowed, frequency, number of hunters allowed and distributed on the site, the method of hunting, the occasional closure of the park as also the deployment of security .communicated at the beginning of the fall, “Jonathan Tabarah, municipal councilor for the Parc-Michel-Chartrand district and vice president of the town’s executive committee, said in a press release.

A “technical committee” has been set up and the city is planning an agreement with a hunting coordinator and “an experienced group of specialist hunters. This will be done with a crossbow, the mayor’s office confirmed to the To be necessary.

The city instead announced in June that it would suspend the euthanasia of 70 deer after an agreement was reached in a Longueuil court with lawyer Me Anne-France Goldwater, who opposed the slaughter of the deer and who representing Sauvetage Animal Rescue. A court hearing will be held.

But the municipality is raising a “particularly worrying context for the park’s ecological balance” to justify its change. The count conducted by MFFP in February listed 108 ones, up 50% compared to 2021, and 238% compared to 2017.

Catherine Fournier instructed the City last week to submit and apply for a SEG permit (for scientific, educational or wildlife management purposes) to the MFFP.

The initial plan was to arrest and euthanize one, but “the latest count conducted by the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) has forced us to change the way we operate and our goal of intervention to act. as soon as possible., through a method that is more adapted to this new data “, insisted the mayor.

“The park, remember, can only support 10 to 15 deer, at most. The work of the Table de concertation is very clear about this,” he added.

U-turn criticized

Both parties are preparing to “file the state file” on Dec. 9 for a hearing before the superior court, criticized Me Anne-France Goldwater, in a telephone interview with The duty.

“And there it fell into our heads, without notice and without giving my clients a chance to present their arguments,” he said. We must not submit ourselves to the court and ignore our word. We are not the United States here, we are a country with rights ”.

He has “processes pending in court”, which he will be “forced to amend” by adding new facts. “Sure, if I had a lot of details, I’d add them all in the process,” he said. “The fact that they changed the plan is an implicit claim that the original plan was more brutal using a stab gun,” he added.

“People walk with their children, with grandparents, with their dog, in this vast park. And there we send snipers with arrows? This is a recipe for tragedy, ”Me Goldwater insisted.

He saw the risk of injury or death in this “violent” method of hunting, which did not necessarily result in the death of the animal immediately. “If they don’t have guards every 50 feet around the park, how can they make sure no one is there,” he said.

He added that “other plans, free of charge to taxpayers” are proposed to move the deer and sterilize them.

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