For the love of kids and … sushi!

GREAT HOLY SPIRIT. Marie Gélinas, alias Mariz -Sushi, has lived her passion – we guessed it, sushi – for 6 years now as a home chef. Because of the challenges, the young woman embarked on a new adventure for the summer: a day camp that would include culinary workshops for young people aged 5 to 10!

Since July 4, Marie has welcomed a dozen young people each day at the Grand-Saint-Esprit Recreation Complex. In addition to offering children more classic activities, usually focused on food and nutrition, such as reading and games, the afternoons will be set aside in part for culinary workshops!

“Children can get their hands dirty. They will make brownies, muffins, banana bread. There’s even a pastry side, because I have a background in pastry and it’s easy for kids. We’ll touch sushi too, because that’s my job! “, He explained.

This day camping project comes at the right time in Marie Gélinas ’life. In addition to helping parents without access to a day camp for their child, she offers a rest at home to her partner who is completing chemotherapy to fight cancer – which is successful! So their own children can now participate in their mother’s workshops, those who love to participate in preparing meals at home.

“My kids make a lot of food with me. I had a small bench at home and when I was getting food my daughter asked if she could help. Each of them has their little knife and can do anything to me! “, He was happy.

She wants to share her passion for cooking with other kids, because knowing how to cook is important! “There are a lot of teenagers or adults who don’t know how to cook, like my boyfriend! He cooked nothing but pogos !, he laughed. It requires you a basic, at least know how to cook an egg, pasta. I want the workshops to inspire kids to learn more! »

Marie Gélinas found the perfect place to set up her day camp, as the Municipality lent her a place with a kitchen in the Recreation Complex. The place is located a few steps from his house and park to transfer the kids to day camp!

In terms of equipment, someone who has been a day camp advisor already has everything you need to cook for the kids. “I’m a chef at home, so I’m used to walking around from somewhere else! I also bought a shelf with trash cans, so that all the friends had small trash cans identified by their name to store their utensils: apron, knives, cutting board, ”Marie lists.

A project that is almost out of hand

Although everything seemed to be in place to accomplish Marie Gélinas ’camp project, the car accident almost halted her plans. “On the night of May 23, I had a car accident, a rollover”, while he was with his mother and son.

In addition to the psychological after-effects, he suffered a concussion that made it difficult to concentrate and affected his memory. “I can work, but all day taking care of the kids scares me a little,” he admits.

A big problem was posed to him for this project that was so close to his heart: cancel the day camp, postpone the start date, or pursue his idea of ​​leaving, but risk increasing his forgiveness?

It was finally a guardian angel who found himself on his way. Her friend Amélie Beaudoin, a teacher, offered to help her. “I have so many good friends, but it’s a blessing!” he said. That’s what I can do with her. If I’m tired, I’m just next door so I can sleep and get back. I try to be as present as possible, while respecting myself and listening to my body. »

“So support me with two wonderful women, two teachers! In fact, Marie Gélinas is already teaming up with her friend Karine Gauthier-Hould who, for her part, will offer an English immersion to the youth of the camp!

Who is Mariz-Sushi?

Mariz-Sushi has been around for 6 years now. Marie Gélinas, business owner and in-house chef, is from Shawinigan, but has lived in Grand-Saint-Esprit for 7 years. “My girlfriend is from Sainte-Monique, so she knows everyone in the area! It has helped my business a lot; people come to try Mariz-Sushi because they know it! “Said the chef, laughing.

The Mariz-Sushi project was born during Marie Gélinas ’maternity leave. He who fell for sushi and never got out of it was invited by friends to cook sushi at home, in exchange for the ingredients and a dinner with a good companion! “I always make sushi, I love it, it’s my life! “, He assured.

“I make my creations, my ideas, and people love it. It will be very rewarding. So I kept going! I didn’t lose much, because my job was in Quebec, so I couldn’t go back. I started quietly not quickly and I never stopped! “, He concluded.

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