The Metaverse will lead to the unstoppable evolution of NFTs

NFTs have a bright future ahead of them and the arrival of the metaverse will only make their appeal and use even more popular. Even if non-fungible token (NFT) transactions are taken and heads are taken, for most people outside of the crypto world, it’s just a gimmick. Metaverse will change that. Big brands, such as Morgan Stanley, are now predicting the future of NFTs, and the digital luxury predicted a metaverse worth $ 50 billion by 2030. The next phase of the NFT cycle has already begun.

More than virtual

The metaverse is often considered when it comes to virtual and augmented reality, but it is not simple, although augmented reality helps with the promised immersive experience. It is also thought of in terms of games, such as Ready Player Oneand many other aspects.

Working in the metaverse is already looking at an “embodied Internet”. Like an extension of the work-from-home experience enabled by COVID-19, but now in a 3D virtual space. Remote meetings don’t have to mean a wall of speaking heads. However, the metaverse offers a shared virtual space with a group of avatars. This aspect is important, because having a real sense of presence allows for more nuanced and natural interactions.

There’s no clear indication of how the games laid the groundwork for what would soon become a much larger set of experiences. For example, Epic Games, the studio behind the juggernautFortnite, which hosted a virtual concert with electronic band Marshmello, is another actor focusing his views on the metaverse. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney offers services, including their Unreal Engine design tools, for free. The goal? Follow the safer and less centralized direction.

Metaverse Values

The most desired purpose of the metaverse is seen by many promoters as a “open framework in which everyone controls their own presence, with no control.»

To create a meaningful metaverse, rather than a collection of separate 3D spaces, the platforms need to be interoperable and transparent. Payments should be secure, hassle -free and prompt. It should also be possible to store and use created assets wherever you are in the metaverse. Until recently, in order to join the digital world, you had to leave a breadcrumb that allowed keepers to recognize you. Blockchain, when used by individuals to track their accounts, assets, and transactions, adds a lot of potential for users to choose how they behave, what they own, and what their decision is. to be sold.

As digital property rights become legitimate and blockchains become more secure, NFTs become more serious currencies. Shared ownership accelerated by an NFT is fast becoming a real economic force.

Funding for the future

What does all this mean for capitalism, innovation and creativity?

The scope of revenue streams available in the metaverse, from games to ticketing software subscriptions to healthcare, has the potential to shift the technology paradigm from advertising. It’s not an easy task, but it’s at least a possibility.

Large gaming companies are already making their metaverse development tools widely available with the clear aim of encouraging interoperability and thus wider adoption. These companies believe that an open metaverse is best for business. This is definitely the best way to create a thriving online economy. An economy where users are encouraged to participate and create value, which benefits platform developers as well as creators and users.

It is hoped that it is possible that, at once, the technological, philosophical and economic cases are all pointing in the same direction: towards a distributed metaverse, using the capabilities of blockchain technology, where online citizens can finally break free of the Web garden walls. 2.0 and reap the benefits of their fees. In this exciting new world, NFTs will bridge the gap between the real and the virtual. From birth to business, tangible ownership can make all the difference. This is a new level of reality.

Source: Cointelegraph

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