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In those universe parallel to ours where we evolve and interact like in real life, socialization, games or even work. This is the new Holy Grail ofInternet what people like mark zuckerberg : the “metaverses” or “metaverses”.

In English we are talking metaverse »And in French the term« metavers »is more commonly used. The etymology of the word tells us a lot about its meaning. “Meta” means “beyond” and “towards” refers to the word “universe”. So we get “beyond the universe” or “parallel universe”.

The origin of the metaverse

The first appearance of the term metaverse than Crashing into the snow, “The Virtual Samurai” by Neil Stephenson. In this vision novel published in 1992, used by citizens avatar digital tools to explore a virtual world online – that’s just one way for them to escape reality. It turns that on Snowfall, the global economy collapsed and governments lost most of their power to a small number of mega-corporations. So the metaverse is a way for them to escape the truth. The hero of the novel, Hiro Protagonist, spends most of his time there, by his glasses and listeners.

Steven Spielberg’s film, Ready Player One (2018) express a specific vision of such a concept: there is a virtual world Oasis, where the hero of the film is ready to immerse himself. However, this same world is above all dedicated to the game.

When it comes to NFTs for non-fungible token in English (unique digital objects), a few video games online began to be equated with metaverses, including The Sandbox hope Decentralandwhere everyone will have exclusive access to a parcel in the given territory and intervene as they see fit in its appearance.

End of October 2021, Facebook bringing the concept to the forefront, when Mark Zuckerberg announced the creation of a similar world. The company has even changed its name to pass the adoption of Meta and better mark its purpose to develop an environment that will be the future of Internet socialization. Zuckerberg describes the metaverse as follows: Here you can do almost anything you can think of – get together with friends and family, work, learn, play, shop, make. »

It should be noted that Mark Zuckerberg distances himself from the vision that Neil Stephenson created in Snow Crash: “ In this book, the environment is negative. I don’t think it will happen like this … For Zuckerberg, the metaverse appears to be a natural evolution of Facebook, with the same vocation to unite people. We can, to this extent, assimilate the metaverse of a social network into another dimension, until one can wander there if desired, meet people and socialize (indulging in the ping game). -pong), visiting places …

What defines a metaverse

Three points are so important about participating in a metaverse.

1. Immersion

Mark Zuckerberg clarifies this: Necessary for users to feel immersed in this universe. So, you can find yourself in this universe when you enter it. All the facts known and heard in this experience are metaverse. You can touch things and feel them.

To this extent, we can compare the metaverse to an experience of virtual reality to be spread on a very large scale. As a reminder, the virtual reality consists in the definition of an artificial environment, created entirely from synthetic images. So in a game like Indiana Jones – Eye of the Temple, an entire universe specific to this saga was created. After wearing a helmet likeOculus Rift, HTC Vive or even the Index valvethe player must find the exit of a temple full of traps.

2. An open and permanent world

Anyone should be able to join the metaverse at any time, and also leave it immediately. And in this world, we have avatars that can be reproductions of ourselves or artificial traits that we embody. It is through this avatar that one participates in competitions, training activities or even work.

3. Durable elements

The house you live in, the streets you walk in your favorite neighborhood, the things you own, it’s all there permanently. Thanks to NFTs, you can have unique elements such as works of art displayed in your living room, a particular car, armor that can be used in video games, and more.

There will likely also be pre-programmed characters in the metaverse with some social functions such as a real life information booth.

What are the accessories for a metaverse?

Joining a metaverse will require the acquisition and use of specific equipment or real and virtual objects:

  • A helmet on virtual reality. This accessory is necessary to evoke the famous feeling of immersion mentioned above. Oculus (which owns Facebook/Meta), Sony and HTC are among the suppliers of such equipment. In fact, such a helmet should be replaced with glasses that are easy to wear and can immediately immerse us in the metaverse. Some even mention neural interfaces, but it is unlikely that such inclusive devices will be immediately adopted by the majority of the population.
  • In those sensors high -resolution touch screens, capable of copying the feeling of touch in this virtual world. One can also consider combinations that are able to transmit tactile sensations to large parts of the body.
  • Custom clothing, accessories or home. The enthusiasm of many luxury brands for NFTs is going in this direction. A platform like Exclusible offers creators of jewelry, fashion, beauty products and other luxury accessories the opportunity to create NFTs.
  • A parallel currency, and therefore a cryptocurrency as can be seen in The Sandbox hope Axie Infinity where we can buy and sell game items. play to earn (play to win) is called to improve.

Who builds metaverses?

In addition to Facebook, some of the major companies active in creating metaverses include:

  • Epic Games, the creator of the most popular Fortnite, raised $ 1 billion in April 2021 and intends to invest first in transforming this game into a metaverse;
  • Roblox, another publisher, who seeks to develop his online game in a way that facilitates relationships similar to the ones we have in real life;
  • the OVR platform that covers the whole world: you can buy land, build buildings, create online events …
  • startup Magic Leap, which built an alternative reality platform and hired Neil Stephenson as its main vision;
  • Microsoft. Windows publisher wants to customize it applications on videoconference Teams to make it a metaverse, dedicated primarily to the business world;
  • In November 2021, Disney announced its participation in mobility without giving details of his technological approach.

A combination of high technology

Metaverse visionaries often point us to many years into the future, as many existing technologies need to be matured before a similar universe can be deployed. If visualization accessories and touch systems are part of it, so is everything from above. debit. In addition to fiber optics, 5G and maybe even the 6G is also a necessary component of such a equation.

Regarding the integration of the metaverse into our model of civilization, we can ask many questions. For countries where the metaverse will thrive, what can we expect? An artificial paradise that allows escape from a real world instead of facing its problems? A tool for individual freedom or slavery? An ecological disaster associated with the computing power that pervades such a system? It also remains to be seen whether dictatorial regimes will allow access to a metaverse where everyone is free to act and express themselves if they wish.

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