Joe and Love will adapt (or not) to suburban life in season 3 of You

Almost two years after its second season, the twisted thriller you finally returned for a third salvo, launched on Oct. 15. After leaving a group of corpses on their way to Los Angeles, we saw our two psychos living in a residential suburb of San Francisco, Madre Linda. Behind the beautiful white barrier and the smiles of the neighbors, Love and Joe have a hard time playing the perfect couple and controlling their individual impulses … Who will crack first?

We had the answer to this question as early as this third season, which started with a brawl. The influence of dexter and Desperate Housewives felt better than before. The delicious look of Marcia Cross, unforgettable Bree Van de Kamp, came to play a business lawyer, obviously not escaping us. He clearly nodded in tone soap in suburban housing for this third delivery.

However, you do not copy paste. it soap sickly and interestingly finds a tone of its own, halfway between the social satire of millennials and the hard-line genre of “serial killers”. As for satire, everyone takes it for their rank and it’s fun to watch: the men and their boot camp in the woods to supposedly find their alpha male being torn apart by society (and their wives of course…) as ridiculous as they can be, like anti-vaccines or even influencer and entrepreneurial mothers , with their prevalence accompanied by an intolerable essentialization of women.

At this time open-eyed also took the opportunity to educate us on “the white woman syndrome”, a phenomenon seen in sociology. If a woman is missing, she is white, tall class, and attractive to boot, it is likely that the media will cover the case with great enthusiasm. On the other hand, if the missing person is a racialized trans woman, for example, almost no one will hear about it and the “close-knit” community portrayed in the media will not organize a general search to find he. She is the successful character of Marienne Bellamy, played by Aunt Gabrielle (seen in Sabrina’s Cool Adventures), a newcomer to the series, shedding this light.

And then, if season 2 is on you definitely fun, he would definitely go everywhere. These new episodes are more organized by the theme of the young couple having to deal with the monotony of conjugality while also having the responsibility of a newborn (decreased sexual desire, daily routine, role of gender, etc.). The only difference between the real life couple and the one formed by Joe and Love is that if a grain of sand comes to stop the engine, a moment of jealousy or a fight can be a disaster ( kidnapping, murder, everything all that).

This inevitably happens when, in the early stages, Love discovers that Joe has a new obsession with a neighbor. His reaction will reflect his compulsive personality. This whole story leads our couple to start therapy together, to dig into their psyches, to their individual fears of leaving, to old resentments (perfectly normal thing, like Joe didn’t killed Love just because she was pregnant with her child…), in the end. to understand each other. And it almost looks great!

The light of the writing is here: to make us want to support this increasingly unfortunate couple as a priority to protect their son, Henry (or Forty depending on the occasion!). And the chemistry between the impeccable Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti, which is so obvious, makes this work dynamic.

“Sometimes all you need is a good story. Sexy, tough, relatable ”(Joe, S03E04)

If we remove the blows with a rolling pin in front of an anti-vax (a sight, in my opinion, quite tasty!) And other reactions are small on top who whose DNA of youit’s almost disturbing to realize how much you recognize these two, the way they shake between the hatred of this suburban environment they hate and the desire to fit into this mold to find peace, must be ephemeral. ..

Because, in the end, you can’t escape your true nature, says showrunner Sera Gamble. As he takes himself for the hero of his own story, Joe starts again with a new victim after he boot camp with masculinist overtones, which is really funny if, on his departure, he is not convinced that he has already found his tribe. Joe immediately thought he could control his impulses, and indulge in them without hurting anyone. We obviously won’t believe it for a second.

This episode 4 sequence with his new boyfriends is also there to remind us that, despite his more attractive, abusive and relevant voice-over, Joe Goldberg is a misogynistic psychopath. , who never saw the fair sex like him. He wants to save women or stalk them, and he usually kills them. It’s also his interpreter, Penn Badgley, who has been calling him back since the start of the series, the narrative process (we’re in his head) that focuses on persuading him.

This anti-hero dexter (more dark, Dexter just kills the people who deserve it) we can also get bored. His adventures are based on a mechanism – he finds a woman, makes movies, it ends badly – that we start to know by heart and that we don’t want to see, especially as a spectator.

But with the change in stakes, it’s a new era you became fun and relevant to the problems of our contemporary society. Just to draw a moral line that is similar, it is not clear here that many young minds idolize a sexist anti-hero, we would like to hear the words “feminicide” more often in those stage in you.

As for our awesome couple, we wondered if they would survive the end of this season 3 (we looked at the first five episodes for this review). Nothing is less certain. Here again, the law of the case may apply dexter : in a relationship with Rita, the mother of his son, it is later discovered at the end of season 4 his wife was killed by one of his enemies. Earlier, he killed in season 2 Lila, a serial killer who didn’t control his impulses enough (meaning like him) to have the right to stay alive. This sexist trope (killing the wife to make the male character more “deeper” and “hurt” and re-launch the dramatic stakes), we’ve had enough of it. And we crossed our fingers that the end of this third season You, if it has not been changed for the fourth time, do not reproduce it.

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