Dubai wants to be one of the capitals of the metaverse and Web3 by creating 40,000 jobs

Dubai continues to show its interest in new technologies and is more specific in the metaverse: the emirate aims to create 40,000 new jobs in this sector and deploy new infrastructures to improve Web3. According to the statement, it could bring $ 5 billion to Dubai’s economy.

Dubai, the world’s future capital of new technologies?

L ‘emirate of dubaiof his deceptions of majesty, planned to create 40,000 virtual jobs to be one of the top 10 metaverse economies in the world.

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoumthe Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, unveiled on July 18 the Dubai Metaverse Strategya project that will pay off, according to the press release, $ 4 billion to Dubai’s economy by 2030.

Faithful to his guidance to be one of leading global hub of new technologiesthe city will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and Web 3.0 in development of project incubators for this purpose as well as by promoting these 2 posts thanks to the creators of the content.

ACCORDING Omar bin Sultan Al OlamaUAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy, the metaverse is key to “ provide new solutions, positively impacting people’s lives and transforming the town into one of the smartest centers in the world, providing new economic opportunities “.

Also according to the press release, Dubai already hosts a thousand companies working in the blockchain and metaverse sectors, which have contributed $ 500 million to the local economy.

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Many technologies are being put forward

The horizons covered by the Dubai Metaverse Strategy are many and especially inclusive new models of government employment. It will also affect tourism, education, retail, remote employment, health care as well as the legal sector.

Also give weight to user securityparticularly by developing infrastructures intended for this purpose and by creating secure platforms toaccelerate the adoption of these technologies in the best conditions.

The metaverse here consists of extended reality (mixing between the physical world and the virtual world), augmented reality, virtual reality (VR), digital twins as well as mixed reality. The press release also mentionsmachine learning to transcend the limits of the human mind.

The strategy also emphasizes deployment on 5G networks to improve edge computing to process local network data through smart devices rather than hiding it in the cloud.

Recall that in May, the Dubai Digital Assets Regulatory Authority did his entry into the metaverse of The Sandbox (UG).

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