Dani’s death: back to his troubled fatherly love for his children

Singer and actress Dani died July 18 to 19 at the age of 77. During her lifetime, she lived a love story, same and chaotic, with photographer Benjamin Auger, the father of her two. son.

How time flies … We feel like we saw her yesterday in love to run by François Truffaut and in A relationship with women by Claude Chabrol, or heard him sing like a boomerang duet by Etienne Daho less than an hour ago. But we have to face the facts, time has passed. The great Dani died on the night of July 18 to 19, his producer confirmed to our RTL colleagues. A life for a great love, volcano, with photographer Benjamin Auger, the father of his two sons. Back to this chaotic love story.

A complete love, crazy, the love of a lifetime. This is what the singer and actress experienced one that will mark the eternity of her career, as a woman and as an actress. Photographer Benjamin Auger working on the magazine Hi friends (he shoots all the yéyes stars) was already in a relationship and father of a boy when he met Dani: love at first sight is mutual and immediate for two lovers.

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An unbreakable bond

When they met in the early 1960s, the two terrible lovers never left each other, and Dani adopted and raised Emmanuel, Benjamin’s son. Their sulfur love story will also give birth to another child, Julien, who will get along very well with her half-brother. Loving but very moody, Benjamin never stopped betraying Dani during their relationship, even during her pregnancy, chained humiliation for her and nervous breakdowns for the couple. And if two lovers decide to get married later in life to settle things, they will end up. to separate – without divorce – after a final attempt at amorous reconciliation. However, despite being betrayed and when the breakup was over, Dani will always stay close to Benjamin ; their bond could not be broken, and they remained close friends until the photographer’s death in 2007.

© BestimageBenjamin Auger of the Alcazar, in Paris, April 23, 1970.

“He is my lover, my husband, but most of all, my friend”

In 2017, on the occasion of the release of his autobiography, The night will not lastpublished in Flammarion editions, the actress and singer provided the pages of Sunday in Franceabout this destructive love which he has been able to master over time: “Not only is Benjamin the man of my life, but certainly the man of my whole life! We live a passionate story that we are able to prosper without cheating, without lying. “ Then, the actor completely surrendered, even closer: “More than physical love, we are friends, praising each other. Benjamin, he is my lover, my husband, but most of all, my friend. (…) When he left, I held his hand. “

Dani between Johnny Hallyday and Thierry Le Luron, in Paris, in 1976.
© BestimageDani between Johnny Hallyday and Thierry Le Luron, in Paris, in 1976.

They remain “friends for life”

In the same year, always for the promotion of his autobiography, Dani also relied on our pages, citing the magazine migratory about her meeting the man of her life, almost six months after her arrival in Paris, in 1963: “I met him on the street. He looked at me and said, ‘Are you okay?’, It was like we would know each other forever. It was like I was struck by love.” Then it was to wait before seeing him again a few days later and after the first rabbit, when he left his address. He wanted to be himself, but he had better be surprised: “One afternoon, before I go to a photo shoot for HEhe is at the bottom of my house. I didn’t go on my date, I grew up and we stayed in bed for eight days.. “ Before awakening the painful break, and this unbreakable bond: “Like he betrayed me, I could no longer have sex with him, but he remained my friend for life.”

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