THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, the worst Marvel movie?

In 2017, Taika Waititi managed to re-launch the saga of THOR: RAGNAROK by offering a space opera full of special effects. Five years later, the recipe unfortunately doesn’t seem to bear fruit anymore and the result is the most boring movie in the Marvel universe.

At the end ofAvengers: Last GameThor (Chris Hemsworth) joins the crew of Guardians of the Galaxy in traveling the universe and rescuing people in distress. Except that despite an express diet, the god of thunder is more “white savior” what a super hero. Also, when he learns of a new villain, Gorr (Christian Bale), dubbed the slayer of the gods, threatening the balance of the universe, he did not hesitate to return to the New Asgard to save his people. Unfortunately for her, the latter found a new protector: Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Along with his ex -girlfriend, Korg (Taika Waititi) and King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), So Thor embarks on a cosmic adventure to defeat Gorr.

on THOR: LOVE AND BLOOD, these few lines are told like the story of Korg. Thanks to cinematographic scenes filled with a rock’n’roll soundtrack, the timeless sidekick depicts the Asgardian god’s journey since his last appearance. Except this road is obviously not very high. While MCU has been working for many years to improve the narrative arches of its heroes, as evidenced by the series dedicated to secondary characters (Hawkeye, Wandavision, TFATWS), Taika Waititi probably prefer to return Thor to square one. The latter became muscular, handsome and stupid again. Away from the scenesAvengers: Last Game promising an interesting evolution of the god of thunder after his meeting with his mother, the director offers a laborious, empty and boring character. Even if completely devoid of any originality, Gorr counteracts the latter by playing a villain who manages the progression between the beginning and end of the feature film. However, if the killer of the gods arouses our curiosity, it is thanks to the incredible interpretation of Christian Bale only by its depth or by its singularity.

Credits: Marvel Studios

Sure, THOR: LOVE AND BLOOD a joke. The director is therefore not obligated to offer an evolution of the account of his characters, or even to give them a similarity in depth. However, the main concern is that this film is not really funny. In fact, if it’s all a joke, nothing is really fun. Also, the style of Taika Waititi, which saved the franchise in 2017, is now no longer melting like the fourth piece of yule log on Christmas Eve. As pointed out on the Big Screen“the comic aspect, the rock music and the colorful decoration” always present or emphasized. The problem is that the human brain can only absorb a lot of this disorganized chaos before it explodes. and Taika Waititi seemed to want to test the physical limitations of his audience while he was content to laugh at his own comedies for nearly two hours.

The boundary between comedy and shame is so good that Taika Waititi no longer seems to recognize it.

But the most frustrating of THOR: LOVE AND BLOOD his queerbaiting. From 2019, Taika Waititi centered all the promotion around the film by publishing from all the roofs that it would happen “Very gay”. And when Natalie Portman began to support his remarks during numerous interviews, we believed him. Especially since Taika Waititi consists of one of the main characters of Our Flag Means Deatha series about gay pirates … Other than that THOR: LOVE AND BLOOD primarily featuring characters stranges as decorative elements and fell on queerbaiting. Sabta: the movie attracts the attention of an LGBTI + audience with “bait”, details far removed from the heteronormative scheme. It plays on gender and sexuality codes with no commitment to substance as explained Kelsi Phungartist and activist in the pages of Places called Vanity Fair in France. Initially, the film was announced as a feature film dedicated to the adventure of King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) to seek his queen. However, we don’t just end with a story based on a cancerous character whose main adventure revolves around a gang of kids and a good wish, but further that Valkyrie is never openly represented. bisexual.

Photo from the movie THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER by Taika Waititi
Credits: Marvel Studios

Moreover, by reading the comedy in one of his scenes of orgies and hedonism of the gods, Taika Waititi continues to play the game of sexual confusion. Except it’s unpleasant and can easily reduce the LGBTQI+ identity to comic comfort. Likewise, the idea of ​​telling the story of Korg and his species by making him a character strange interesting. But it’s even a pile of rocks whose role is limited to ensuring the comic matches Thor. So, more insoluble, THOR: LOVE AND BLOOD managed to disappoint by not fulfilling any of its director’s promises. The latter can only be suggested to allow the god of thunder to take care of his goats in order to give Valkyrie the hero.

By administering no more than two hours, THOR: LOVE AND BLOOD is one of the shortest films in the Marvel Universe. And thankfully, because you came out of it with the painful feeling of suffering every minute of the movie by Taika Waititi. If the post-credits scenes seem to promise a fifth for the god of thunder, one can only hope that the director will be able to find a new inspiration (or a new hero) at that time.

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Original title: Thor: Love and Thunder
Achievement: Taiki Waititi
Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson
Release date: July 13, 2022
Duration: 119 minutes

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