Thor 4: These Marvel Characters Must Show Love and Thunder

This was revealed by Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth: the first cut of “Thor – Love and Thunder” lasted four hours. So it’s been reduced by half, and that means a lot of recognizable faces have disappeared from the film to be seen in theaters.

After offering us two feature films by the end of 2021, along with The Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has slowed down the durations of its films. That’s why Thor – Love and Thunder show almost two hours on the clock, credits included. That was halfway through the first assembly.

In an interview given by Collider, Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth revealed that the first ending of the film is four hours long, which is very common in blockbusters, because it is similar to The Batman. Except that Matt Reeves and Warner are a bit cut. “Many times on the set (…), at the time, you said to yourself ‘This is the best thing anyone has ever filmed in the history of filmmaking!’definition of the filmmaker.

“Then you go to the editing stage. And you’re like, first, ‘I still like this good.’ And after six months of the movie, you know it’s funny at the time, but in the end it has nothing to do with the movie. ” However, Taika Waititi specifies that this is just an end of the scenes and not a real montage. But Chris Hemsworth calls this version a “completely crazy and wild”and similar to “a Monty Python skit.”

You have to try many things to find the right balance.

But you have to choose, for account and commercial reasons (the longer the duration, the fewer sessions will be possible per day). And Taika Waititi revealed to us that the editing lasted “between eleven months, to figure out what the story is and find the right tone. We try it very hard, and sometimes it’s very funny, sometimes very serious. Sometimes there are a lot of jokes and you never know. what the characters are already doing. you have to try a lot of things to find the right balance. “

So we have to cut. Lots. According to Natalie Portman inIndiewire, “whole series, planets, characters and worlds that don’t end in the movie, when it’s hilarious and weird, and that we spent a lot of time on, and the crew that did everything that was designed . ” The actress also added this “very touching scenes” between Jane and Thor suffer these cuts.

Among the actors at the end left, we find Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldblum, who will continue their respective roles in Eitri (creator of Thor’s new weapon in Infinity War) and Grandmaster (former Ragnarok crusader). ), but whose scenes deleted according to Christian Bale, interpreter of the villain Gorr who gave them the answer.

The Walt Disney Company in France

Will Peter Dinklage return to Marvel?

Unpublished, so far, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lena Headey has also seen her first steps cut into editing. And even more unfortunate is the former Cesei of Game of Thrones, whose role has yet to be revealed, that his former agency sued him for unpaid commissions in line with his commitment to various projects. Including Thor – Love and Thunder.

“This is the case with all films, big or small”Taika Waititi’s response to the absentees. “There’s always someone to cut, and in bigger movies like this, sometimes it’s celebrities (laughs) But that’s okay: you don’t put a scene in a movie because there’s a famous person of it. The important thing is that it benefits the film, and we always shoot more scenes than we need to. “

“You box everything in the script, and our about 145 pages, which is very long. But I know the result isn’t that long, so we try to put everything back, while knowing that, to a second time, sure. things are gone. “ At all times? Nothing is known now, even as Taika Waititi announced, in an interview given NMEwithout the director’s cut.

The director even supported his point by declaring that he didn’t like the director’s cut he had seen before. Without a longer version, Marvel could offer several cut scenes in future video editions.

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