This adorable dog has been waiting for his family at the airport for 6 months

This dog named Bumer was waiting for his family at Jorge Chavez Airport in Peru, who left him 6 months ago outside the departure lounge for domestic flights, but sadly never returned to pick him up.

Poor Bumer hoped just one day they would show up, but that never happened. Milagros Salazar, posted on Facebook about Bumer and it went viral.

He then wrote:

“Bumer was betrayed in the worst way, his family took him to the airport, left him outside the gate, promised to come back, but they boarded the plane never to come back.»

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A dog has been waiting for his family for 6 months at the airport

Poor Bumer, about 4 years of age, was ill, the winter was not very good for him, and his heart was broken. But she didn’t stop and lovingly waited for the return of the people she believed she loved.

Milagros continues:

“He hadn’t moved out of that door for six months and there was no way to convince him to do so, but the street, the cold and the lack of food had already cured him. »

Bumer survived on what the workers and taxi drivers provided, but he was already malnourished.

“The little dog was very sick, they put him in a cardboard box to soothe the cold, but he was stolen (…) Bumer slept on the dirty rag and even suffered from the rain not moving from there , because he was still waiting. for the flight he believed would bring his family back. ”

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Milagros added:

“Please, his case has broken our hearts, it is touching to see him still here. If he can’t get out there he will die soon, we need a temporary home, we will take care of the adoption, food and treatment of Bumer “.

Milagros’ post was shared last night on Saturday June 25 and to date there have been over 2000 reactions, over 700 comments and shared nearly 4000 times. Bumer was taken to a veterinary clinic to be examined for his health, and the poor dog suffered from many ailments.

Milagros updated the post saying:

“Unfortunately he has ehrlichiosis, anemia, tvt, all treatable, but he also has distemper.”

In addition to the medical care he receives, Bumer also needs the warmth of a home.

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Bumer has been rescued and is waiting to find a home.

Milagros then explained:

“She can’t stay with Magvet, she can’t stand being confined, she’ll cry if she’s not hugged. He was suffering terribly and needed a home. I was told by the veterinarian that he could not stay there because there was no place for him. He is of average height, 18 kilos, but his desire to return to the place where he waited for his owners for six months is stronger than his ”.

Fortunately one family decided to give Bumer a chance. Shirley Olivares and her husband Victor actually gave this dog a temporary shelter to recover from his illnesses and regain his strength.

Shirley posted on Facebook:

“Bumer, very brave, now you are not alone, my family is your family. We get all kinds of help through the veterinarian. We did not have an account and we did not receive any money, only donations of food and clothing and help from the veterinarian to pay for his illness ”.

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This family takes Bumer to the veterinarian whenever he needs it for his full recovery and even if their resources are limited, the care and love they give this dog, in addition to the gifts that made by people, sure to help Bumer. to restore health.

We hope this dog recovers quickly and is finally happy.

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