The right moves to save your dog

On July 9, a training course on first aid movements for dogs and cats was held at Artemis, fitness center and canine beauty institute. in Quesnoy

Carole Lavrat, manager of the Artemis center, previously worked at an automotive appraisal firm until the day she decided to live from her love of animals. At the end of 2020, he began a ten -month training at the National Veterinary School of Alfort where he alternated between theoretical distance courses and practical school courses. Installed since the end of August 2021 in Le Quesnoy, it offers health services and canine and feline beauty institute.

Animal welfare

Equipped with an underwater treadmill, C.Lavrat treats pets with hydrotherapy, which is to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of water. It can have many applications. For example, it can be used for animal rehabilitation after an operation on the cruciate ligaments, as well as to relieve joint pain such as osteoarthritis in older dogs. This technique is also used to help competitive sports dogs with their preparation and recovery. “I took the animals only on the recommendation of the veterinarian who signed a document, which can be downloaded from the Artemis website, justifying that the animal was suitable for this practice, that is, it did not show any pathology. cardiac.or neurological, said C.Lavrat. “When I opened, I met many local veterinarians to explain my work to them. Now others are referring to me. This is why customers come from the surrounding area and sometimes even far away, such as Lille, Aisne and Belgium, ” he added. C.Lavrat also offers balneotherapy thanks to a spa that converts oxygen into ozone, which has anti-stress and dermatological properties. Finally, she also does makeup using high-end animal cosmetics.

Train to save your
domesticated animals

The center of Artemis also offers amazing days like last Saturday. Henri Geslain, coach at Alforme, traveled from Paris. The goal today is to learn the first aid movements of dogs and cats before going to a veterinarian. Individuals who want to know how to react when there is an emergency for their dog and professionals such as a smoker or an animal osteopathic student follow the training. In the program, the theory with explanations of the treatment of wounds, burns or even poisoning, but also practice the use of a bandage and a tourniquet and even learn to massage the heart, made for exercise with a soft plastic dog. “At the end of the training, there was a little question that summarized the day, said H.Geslain, After this, volunteers will receive a summary booklet and a certificate issued by Alforme, which has proven useful for professionals working for example in the SPA ”. For Carole Lavrat, these training days are important. “I think it’s important to know the first aid moves for our animals as well as know how to use the right tools. It can help our dogs in case of an emergency,” he said. he declared. “Days like these are important to me because I’m a canine fitness center and the people around me, whether they’re enthusiasts or customers, care deeply about the health and well-being of their animals…. so it seems reasonable to me to give them this knowledge “, he finished.

Gabrielle Fromont

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