The horoscope for Monday July 18, 2022

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The family, those who live with you, will benefit from your unconditional love. You show them that you love them by protecting them, by being there for them at all times. 1st decan, to 26th, may also have from the past going back to the present. Someone you love.


This Venus of Cancer is for being sarcastic and appreciative of humor. Are you the one to tease with those you like, or is your partner trying to make you laugh? In any case it is possible that your complicity manifests itself. If you are single, check your surroundings, maybe someone you know will suddenly attract you.


The Venus of Cancer will arouse your appetites, whatever they are, and emphasize your sensuality and your needs in this area. You’ll need hugs, shared tenderness, and if you’re from the 1st decan, it’s also possible that you’ll receive an amount you’re expecting, or you’re a bit selfish (up to 26).


Love, in all its forms, and money for some, is ahead until August 11, 1st decan to July 26. You need love for sure, but you also have a lot to give and if you find someone you are easy to fall in love with. It can be extremely sensual, so don’t change the love and desire.


Venus is just a sign from you, you will receive her from August 11. Right now, she seems to be hiding in the shadows … It means you don’t easily express how you feel, you even tend to be criticized or found out that one is not sufficiently demonstrative of how he feels. .


This is not the time for love but for Venus’s friendship with Cancer. But you don’t know how the friendship will progress, especially if Venus is in line with Uranus next week. Unless you discover at that moment another aspect of love. In any case, there are exciting moments!


Venus approaches Cancer, the top of your chart, and gives your feelings the most importance. You may react somewhat emotionally, even if you need to control yourself. Emotions have nothing to do with your professional life, unless you are interested in your superior …


Venus of Cancer is the best configuration to help you feel confident and release your feelings. A priori, you can’t control them, which can scare you at first and can be a real joy to come. However, Venus is also in charge of your money, it is possible that it can easily enter in a few days (1st decan).


You may be skeptical of how you or your partner feel. You may have met under the energy of the good aspect of Jupiter, and you have been carried away. With Venus of Cancer, you can step back. However, money can be a source of pain.


Venus is already facing you, Cancer, and she will soon ask you to let you go. Not shrinking out of love (or out of cost!) Though, 1st decan, good times in sight.


A Venus on a Water sign can relax you a bit. You’re less happy the way it is, you’re alone or in pairs, and the slightest hurtful form of criticism can keep you from indulging in how you feel. But you will break this pattern next week, with Venus/Jupiter dissonance.


Be prepared to live warm moments, even sensual for some. In any case, there is joy in the air, dreams, but also real feelings that you can express without restraint. However, happiness can also be linked to the return of money.

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