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Good to know before vacationing abroad

FOUR PAWS advise how to deal with stray dogs

Zurich, July 18, 2022-In Switzerland, it is rare to find stray dogs on the streets. However, in many tourist regions such as Greece or Italy, but also in Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia, stray dogs are part of the scene. Although most stray dogs are very friendly, caution must be exercised. To protect dogs and humans, the worldwide animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS provides advice on how to approach a stray dog.

“Especially in tourist areas, stray dogs are accustomed to human contact and receive a lot of attention from tourists. These dogs often lie in front of shops or cafés and are happy to receive some pettings, ”explains Janine Cirini, pet expert at FOUR PAWS. “But there are also cautious animals that only seek out human proximity for food. Some stray dogs also have bad experiences with humans. Frightened animals are more likely to defend themselves. themselves to protect their puppies, territory or food.

If in doubt: it is better to keep your distanceIn the case of panic or fear of dogs, however, don’t worry: as long as you stay your distance and the animals aren’t harassed, conflict situations are easily avoided. Janine Cirini, a pet expert, advises to observe the situation carefully and to behave cautiously: “If you are scared or uncomfortable, you should not be scared while running in front of a stray dog, because it arouse his hunting instinct.and encourage it to chase you.You also should not threaten a dog.Shouting or waving your arms can be considered threatening.You should remain calm and not stare at the dog, stay away from slow and calm “. Self -sufficient packages should also be avoided, especially in remote areas. “Dogs protect each other within their group. In areas where people rarely find animals, these packages can roam the territory, ”explains Janine Cirini.

Do not feed them under any circumstances!

Even if it seems hard for you, don’t feed stray dogs. “In hotels in particular, it’s tempting to give the animals some leftovers from the breakfast buffet. But that won’t help the animals in the long run, because when the season is over and tourists are leaving, it’s the source of the food. the animals are depleted and there is nothing left to eat. Outside of tourist season, the animals will then find themselves deficient in food, “explained the FOUR PAWS expert.” If you really want to help the animals, better yet, instead of feeding them, support local animal rescue organizations with donations. ”The best thing is to find out locally what organizations are active in the area.

Lack of veterinary care

Even if dogs are very confident, it should be remembered that stray dogs are prone to health issues. In many tourist areas, there is a lack of veterinary control and care. Many stray dogs have fleas, ticks, other parasites or carry diseases. Unfortunately, rabies, which can be transmitted by dogs to humans through bites, is still present in many places.

FOUR PAWS has been committed to helping stray dogs and cats around the world for many years. As part of helping these animals, teams of veterinarians from the animal protection organization sterilize, vaccinate, implant microchips and of course treat injured animals.

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