Omer Adam: The first Israeli artist to jump to Web 3 in collaboration with Stage 11!

As you may have noticed, the financial markets have been stagnant for several weeks. In this dead calm, some need time to build on the successes of tomorrow. This is especially the case with Israeli singer Omer Adam, a successful translator of the planetary hit Tel-Aviv who made his first steps on Web3. We had the opportunity to exchange a few words with him and return to his collaboration on French nugget Stage11.

Omer Adam and Stage11

Before you give the nectar of this discussion, let’s take a moment to recall the accomplishments of the arms of our protagonists. Omer Adam is a 28-year-old Israeli singer who draws his inspiration from pop and “Mizrahi” rhythms. He was recognized in 2019 as Israel’s most popular recording artist and now has more than 770,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The launch of Stage11 is one of the most exciting music transformation initiatives. Founded by Jonathan Belolo, the start-up reinvents traditional entertainment formats to make them more interactive and immersive. Based on the innovations brought by the metaverse, the public has become a spectator and actor by immersing themselves in a variety of musical experiences. The company recently raised 5 million euros in start-up funds, and seeks to shake up the codes of the music industry.

Jonathan Benlolo Co founder of Stage 11 and Omer Adam, source stage 111
Jonathan Belolo, co-founder of Stage 11 and Omer Adam, Source: Stage11

First steps in Web3

Omer Adam recently created his avatar in collaboration with the French start-up, witnessing his enthusiasm for this revolution. During our exchange, the artist justified this initiative for two main reasons. First, the Israeli star says he has long been a fan of these technologies, convinced that an artist needs to improve with the times. In fact, this evolution for Omer Adam is a tool of change as well for the artist and for the audience. Introduced by a relative, the concept of NFT quickly attracted the artist and he saw this digital tool as a way to unite a community through an artistic link. Omer Adam then invested in this universe, until buying an NFT from the collection of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the current star symbol on Instagram.

In addition, the covid crisis plays a major role in this star -sponsored artistic turn. The confinements and the lack of interactions push the artist to discover new cultures in order to sustain his creativity and his art. Thus Omer Adam fell in love with Web3, discovering the possibility of passing on his art without limit. With his avatar, the Israeli artist can thus express himself in an eternal and universal way. In the words of the star: The metaverse represents for me the Next Level of social networks, offering total immersion. »

Collaboration on Stage11

We immediately asked the artist about his collaboration on Stage11 and the beginnings of this project. World -renowned DJ Martin Garrix was a key factor in this meeting, the result of bringing together different contacts alike. After a discussion with the start-up’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Belolo, the artist was amazed at the professionalism of the French nugget.

omer adam stage 11 smiling
Omer Adam X Stage11 in motion capture session, source: Stage11

Many well-known artists have also chosen to join Stage11, such as David Guetta, Akon and Snoop Dogg, confirming Omer Adam’s desire to participate in the project.

The artist gave us a few snippets of the discussions he had with Jonathan, who comes from a family in the high music industry. His father founded the independent label Scorpio Music which created People in the Village. As a result, he immersed himself in the world of music from an early age and knew how to develop a dynamic and understanding of the importance of interaction between an artist and his fans. For Omer Adam, this past has guided Jonathan Belolo in the experience he has built with Stage11.

Omer Adam in concert on July 14th

Omer Adam performed at back to back with Latin artist Nicky James on July 14 at Hayarkon Park in Tel-Aviv. We asked him if the audience had a chance to see his avatar.

Omer Adam Concert Stage 11
Omer Adam X Nicky jam, Source: therealomeradam

However, the complexity of the work proposed by Stage11 introduces many delays, making it impossible to achieve a comprehensive experience within these delays. However, Omer Adam explained that some surprises were made to give a taste of this collaboration to the public. In addition, the Israeli artist has already begun to federate a community by proposing aairdrop around his NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The Israeli star seems to fully understand Web3 issues and their usefulness in the future. For Omer Adam, the avatar is the representation of the artist. He had no desire to replace it, but allowed it to be sublimated by allowing his imagination to express itself without limits. To illustrate this point, Omer Adam gave the example of avatar collaborations between artists, which are easier to set up than physical concerts. The Israeli star is thus convinced that the metaverse and these technologies can increase human creativity.

omer adam behind the scenes episode 11
Omer Adam X Stage11 in motion capture session, Source: Stage11

To the radiation of music on the Web3?

To conclude this interview, we asked the artist about his central role in Web3 releases within the Israeli artist community. In his response, Omer Adam indicated that he has positioned himself as an ambassador of this music on a global level. For him, Israel is a real Start-up country and new generations of artists are quick to embrace Web3. Although this transition will take time, Omer Adam said he is excited to pave the way for a new cultural arc with this Stage11 collaboration. Omer Adam invested heavily in creating his avatar and this entire universe with his teams. Traveling to Stage11 studios in Paris and Los Angeles, the artist also took the opportunity to shoot the clip for his latest song, proof of his closeness to his movement.

For now, the artist and the teams are working together to put together two songs and a performance to be announced soon. Another good news from this Stage11 collaboration should also come soon, but its content is hidden for now. In order not to miss any of these announcements, we invite you to follow the artist and Stage 11 on their Instagram and official websites.

About Stage11

Founded in Paris in 2020, Stage11 is a tech startup that is building the future of entertainment for the metaverse. We reimagined traditional entertainment formats to make them more interactive and immersive, unleashing the imagination of artists, brands, creators and fans through cutting-edge gamification technologies and augmented and virtual reality. In our metaverse, audiences become players and creators, accompanying their favorite artists on musical experiences from fully virtual events to augmented reality performances overlaid with physical world. As part of our experiences, fans will be able to unlock interactive NFT collectibles, from musical performances and digital fashion to virtual objects and mixed reality filters.

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