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The journey to Molière offers us a unique adventure in 1656, in the heart of the troops of the Illustre Théâtre de Molière.

Molière’s journey kept us alive the adventure of a theater troupe, and not just anything! In fact, as Molière celebrates his 200th anniversary this year, Pierre-Olivier Scotto and Jean-Philippe Daguerre found a great way to celebrate the event!

Leo is a young man of XXIth century, a medical student but dreams of becoming an artist. While he struggled to audition for a role in Arous anger, he was tired and discouraged. When he opened his eyes, his reality was no longer the same… Kay it was in 1656 that he found himselfright in the middle of Molière’s troop he worshiped!

A wonderful trip down memory lane

First amazed then praised, Leo’s enthusiasm attracted the troupe who decided to hire him. Yes, but like what? Because it’s complete! No matter, she will make a perfect groom, cook, props man, coachman and English teacher! Even if it’s easy on the boards talented young man find a place …

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Ten years ago these banks roam the streets. But the coming of the plague threatened them. In effect, comedy performances are prohibited where are they. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin then had to step up the challenge of writing a play on alexandrine in a few days while Madeleine Béjart and Marquise Du Parc had to use their talent and their beauty to try to appease the bishop and remove the ban.

A whirlwind of energy

The piece started out very loud and we were caught right away the crazy speed that drives this troop in the rhythm of live violin and cello tunes. Our eyes shone in the face of this shared joy, this frank friendship, this love for theater and it’s relentless and inspiring turmoil. Pierre-Olivier Scotto and Jean-Philippe Daguerre immerse us in the essence of theater and repeat us this time.

The arrival of a character from 21th century in 1656 emerged ridiculous exchanges. Because the references to Léo – whose accomplices we have become – obviously largely unknown to these artists to which they belong very different reality.

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Thus, we laughed in front of their confused air when Léo awakened the Place de la République, the Comédie Française, Louis Jouvet, the Beatles, or even the “studios” of Paris! We also enjoyed this English course – or rather English! – from the song Hey Jude with the Beatles, a group of course still doesn’t exist! And we were touched when beauty works between Léo and Marquise, but that he avoided allowing this relationship to take place, knowing the future awaited the young woman.

An inspiring story …

As a regular at the Festival, Jean -Philippe Daguerre, who has also directed several other films in this 2022 edition – including Adieu Monsieur Haffmann, Le petit coiffure and Les vivants – once again captivated us with his talent. he is accompanied here by Pierre-Olivier Scotto, to whom we owe There, on the other side of the water. It’s evolving decor to have its round tray rotating its wheels is absolutely beautiful and gives us a timeless impression of movement.

The story is fun. We were attracted to this double intrigue, that is: how can Molière’s famous troop escape this unfortunate situation, and what is the result of this adventure for Léo who belongs to another space-time? Everything is fully engaged, fluid and uniquely played through these eight troupe actors Babushka’s attic whose commitment and joy to play together outweigh their roles.

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Let’s stick to that in particular the beautiful performance by Geoffrey Palissevery good in this role of Leo, while Stéphane Dauch embodies a charismatic Molière. Violet Erhartwhose management talent we already know thanks to the play Oleanna, also revealed here that of the actress and violinist.

… Who ran out of steam

With as an exciting introduction, a slight decrease in flow should be felt immediately. It was like fireworks starting the grand finale. The sequel, as beautiful, left us somewhat frustrated such strong emotions given in the first moments.

And that’s what happens with Le voyage de Molière. The substance gradually takes precedence in form, becoming more monotonous. There is no doubt that it is necessary it is better to distribute the moments of effervescence so that the room will sparkle throughout and that the memorable memory left in the first half hour will not be lost.

It’s not enough to fall into oblivion or ruin the fun, of course. Because Molière’s journey offers us very nice theater. And you come out changed.

Belles de Scène, by Pierre-Olivier Scotto & Jean-Philippe Daguerre, with Grégoire Bourbier, Stéphane Dauch, Violette Erhart, Mathilde Hennekinne, Charlotte Matzneff, Teddy Melis, Geoffrey Palisse & Charlotte Ruby, directed by Jean-Philippe Daguerogre, directed from July 7 to 30, at 12:35 pm at the Théâtre du Chien qui fume (canceled on Tuesday).

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Avignon 2022 - Molière’s journey



Happy and whirlwind!

This original play cleverly blends classical and contemporary theater. Inspired by the life of Molière’s troupe before his arrival at Versailles, he offers us a beautiful chimerical and festive journey between the past and the present.

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