Letters, songs, photos … How to proclaim your love?

How have you expressed your flame over the centuries? What do these private parts, which are sometimes published, reveal about us? Are we expressing our love less? Can a declaration of love be political?

Declaration: filling the loss of a loved one

In many letters and declarations of love, the idea is also to fill the gap, to fill the gap.

For Morgane Ortin, this is even more true at the time of the paper letters: “Now, I think we’re permanently available. We’re always connected, we’re always online, we’re always available. We know if someone else has read our message or not. And I think that’s the absence relationship is somewhat biased at present, even if I have the impression that Covid and the many incarcerations have affected sms in this direction. I saw a real difference in the text messages I received on ‘Amours solitaires’. There was a whole theme of the loss of another, the loss of his body, the deprivation, that came out in many text messages.

Juliette Drouet, whose letter was collected by Florence Naugrette, professor of literature, was Victor Hugo’s mistress. To make up for his loss, he wrote to her almost every day, which meant we had nearly 22,000 letters.

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Closer to universal when we write

According to Tim Dup, singer, author of love songs, we write for ourselves, for others, but in the end the words can be heard by all, as he puts it: “In my writing, I try not to talk about myself. I still have this idea that others will fit into it, because once the job is out of its shackles, it doesn’t affect me. It doesn’t fit. Very much. in fact intimacy, intimacy, it has this part of the universality of creation.

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We haven’t written much, in the digital age, with sms, email, and so on. To those who predicted the end of writing, the love letter, because of the abundance of images of our time, and new tools that allow quick communication, Morgane Ortin challenged his Instagram account. , revealing numerous and highly inspired love texts. He told us about his experience:

“When I saw the privacy of my phone as well as the privacy of my friends ‘phones, I saw that that wasn’t really the case, that the image never replaced the word and that’ really, when it comes. friendship and love, anyone can be a poet and poet.And this is a statement confirmed by a hundred thousand messages I have received and of course written in French all over the world. The love letter is ageless. It’s simply evolving with the new tools that technology has given us. ”

Other statements are not without humor

Love seems like a very serious topic. Besides, we don’t cooperate in love. But our guests have assured us that some statements are not without the inclusion of a self -insult, a transfer or even a mockery, as Morgane Ortin explains in particular:

“There’s a lot of humor, especially in sexting, that’s an erotic message via sms for example. Because I think it’s an art that takes a lot of creativity and it works well with a good dose of humor. in the very use of the declaration of love, there is something for everyone. Honestly, it can be funny, it can be disrespectful, it can be nostalgic, it can be sad. I have the impression that increasingly, the declaration of love extends to the entire emotional realm very broadly and very richly. I think the humor is very good in the statement. “

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The guests

Florence Naugrette a professor of literature at the Sorbonne and member of the Institut Universitaire de France. He oversaw the project of the online publication of 22,000 letters from Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo on the site juliettedrouet.org . He publishes at the start of the school year a rich biography of someone who is not only Hugo’s lover: Juliette Drouet, companion of the century (Flammarion).

Morgane Ortin an author. She created the Instagram account “Amours solitaires”, an archive of our 21st century love exchanges. He took from it a book published by Albin Michel.

Tim Dup a singer, songwriter and musician. His latest album is called The crazy race. Significantly he will be giving a concert on July 21 at Francofolies de Spa, in Belgium.

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