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The muzzle constantly transmits a negative image. In fact, in the collective unconscious, this accessory is intended only for so -called “dangerous” dogs. But it doesn’t! The muzzle is also necessary in some situations, for all types of dogs. So in what case should the dog wear a muzzle? How to teach her to wear it? How to choose it? All the signs to avoid making a surprise.

Since the law of January 6, 1999, it is mandatory to wear a muzzle on public roads for all 1st and 2nd category dogs. But not only that! We often forget that the muzzle does not have to be provided for this type of dog. In some situations, your dog may also put on a muzzle. A work that is not so small because it has to be accustomed to gentleness. All our tips to achieve this.

When should my dog ​​wear a snout?

Anything different from your dog, wearing a hole important in some everyday situations for a variety of reasons: out of respect for the law, for the safety of the people or dogs he meets or for his health.

On public transportation

On trains and buses, a dog weighing more than 6 kilos must wear a muzzle as a courtesy to users.

During a visit to the veterinarian

During a consultation, a dog may have a bite reflex if he feels intense pain, if he is nervous or very scared. In fact, the animal is incapable of intellectualizing the fact that it is being treated. This defensive move can be avoided by wearing a hole. In addition, it is strongly recommended during surgery.

During the dog encounter

Is your pet not yet very sociable with its congeners? So it is better to be careful and play with the safety card by placing and muzzle on it. This will reassure owners and your dog will get used to the presence of other animals gradually without the risk of being spotted.

But he still needs to get used to wearing a brace. It must be said that it is not very natural to wear this type of accessory. But in practice, he will accept it, like a harness or leash.

How do I get my dog ​​to wear a muzzle?

As with any accessory, the dog needs to get used to it slowly, step by step. Obviously who will resist the cry if you wear it for the first time without being presented first.

Familiarize yourself with the object

The dog should feel confident with this new accessory. It should be accompanied by a positive action so that he can easily accept it. Before trying to wear it, feel it while giving it caress and attention. Then try it horn your dog without closing it so that he would get used to having something in his mouth. Try to put it on him for a short time and then repeat the exercise while encouraging him.

Get used to your dog

Since the muzzle should be accompanied by a moment of pleasure, why not get used to it in your daily walk? In fact, like his leash, the dog can be happy to put his mouth to walk. The goal? Divert her attention away from the muzzle as you integrate it into your outing routine so that she gradually gets used to wearing it.

What type of muzzle should I choose for my dog?

In leather, nylon, basket or mesh mesh, there are many models of muzzle. Before buying, various criteria should be considered, such as the size of your dog’s jaw or the situation in which you find yourself.

The nylon muzzle

This simple strip of cloth wraps around your dog’s muzzle and is sealed with an adhesive fastener. This accessory, less comfortable for the dog and weak in appearance, is only used as an additional muzzle for a short time or for training your four -legged friend.

The skin muzzle

This muzzle, which covers your dog’s entire muzzle, combines comfort and safety. In fact, its shape allows it to swallow, drink and eat while preventing it from biting. However, this accessory is not the strongest and if your dog is nervous, it can be easily damaged.

Basket and mesh muzzle

This type of muzzle is the most effective of all. And for good reason, it fits perfectly in category 1 and 2 dogs. It’s true that his “cage” aspect can be intimidating and can give the impression that your dog is an abomination. However, now there are color models to reduce this feeling. In terms of comfort, good ventilation of this muzzle prevents any risk of hyperthermia. More resistant, it is specially designed to ensure everyone’s safety.

You already have all the keys to your dog is accustomed to wearing a muzzle and spend a peaceful summer.

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