FNATH damages the relationship of its members


Henri Allambret, General Manager of FNATH: Axelor allows us to dematerialize all of our documents and provide access to the platform, regardless of the channel used.

FNATH, an association for life accidents, has chosen Axelor’s ERP and CRM solution, combined with a low-code platform, to dematerialize its member management processes.

AdvertisingCreated in 1921, FNATH is an association that defends and works with people with life-threatening accidents: victims of occupational accidents, people affected by occupational diseases and other forms of disabilities. and diseases. Located throughout France, it has 100,000 members in 40 departments or interdepartmental structures, as well as nearly a thousand local branches. To optimize member management, a process that operates at all levels, FNATH has chosen to equip itself with Axelor’s ERP and CRM.

New memberships, as well as changes, are made in local sections, which collect contributions and then send the information to the department level. The department sections then send the data to the federation itself. Moving from one level to another resulted in long processing times, making it difficult to get the latest membership lists. The collection of contributions as well as the collapse of the amount between the different levels also presents difficulties for the federation. Some of our members pay during general assemblies at the local level, while others prefer to pay by check sent by the federation and others update their fees by bank transfer, explained by Henri Allambret, general manager of FNATH and holds the office of Secretary. General. To have a clear and up-to-date vision, the task is much more complicated. Especially since our system at that time was no longer able to meet our needs and proved to be no longer able to evolve according to the evolution of the federation.

An online legal consultation platform

So FNATH decided to equip itself with a management system and a CRM tool to streamline the member relationship process. With the support of a consulting firm, the federation produced details detailing its needs. The solution should allow member file management, support the creation and transmission of documents, manage the collection of contributions, including payments by transfer or direct debit and offer a method of payment by bank card in site in the federation. The new system is also intended to manage the distribution of contributions between the various FNATH bodies. These practices led FNATH to choose Axelor’s ERP and CRM solutions. Once the selection has been made, all data is imported into the solution in less than six months. FNATH is currently training its volunteers and employees with publisher support, organizing eight departmental training sessions.

AdvertisingThe solution now allows FNATH to carry targeted correspondence with its members and have accurate statistics. In addition, thanks to Axelor’s low-code platform, FNATH is able to integrate legal follow-up into its members ’files. The federation has thus put up a legal consultation platform on their site, which members can use to ask their questions, submit documents and get a response within 48 hours. Nearly 20,000 files are managed each year through the solution. Axelor allows us to digitize all our documents and grant access to the platform, regardless of the channel used. It allows us to optimize our membership management and improve the service we provide to our members, ”said Henri Allambret. Now, with all of our members trained and the solution in hand, we move on to the next step: managing our nonmember donors.

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