7 romance novel series to read if you like ‘The Bridgerton Chronicles’

If you are a fan of romantic readings to make daydream and you swallow the nine volumes of the saga BridgertonI have literary suggestions just for you!

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In the summer, if you’re on vacation, it’s a good idea to read a good novel by the pool (or best of all on the beach!). For romance fans, it takes a perfect balance between a love story that moves us, but also a touch of intrigue that keeps us from being suspended. And in order for the fun to last, series that consist of multiple volumes are good.

So here are 7 series of books like “Bridgerton” to give (and spice up!) Your summer:



Author: Evie Dunmore

This three-volume series follows Annabelle, a bright but penniless young woman, on her many adventures. Set in 1879 England, Annabelle was admitted to the prestigious Oxford University, thanks to a scholarship offered by a league of suffragettes. In return, she had to make curator Duke Sebastian de Montgomery feel about the cause of feminism. Sebastian had an old view of fair sex and unworthy Annabelle when he asked her to be his mistress. A classic “from enemies to lovers” that we like them!



Author: Louise Allen

Divided into three volumes, this saga follows the lives of three sisters, Meg, Bella and Lina Shelley, and takes place in 19e century. Their lives change when Meg has to pretend to be married to a stranger to survive on a trip between France and England, Bella finds herself pregnant with a man who has left her and Lina. finds herself alone with a man. We follow their adventures, their love as well as the bond that unites them as brothers and sisters.



Author: Kiera Cass

In a post-apocalyptic future where people are divided into social classes, 35 young women are given the opportunity of a lifetime. They participate in a reality show to win the heart of Prince Maxon, the heir to the throne, to win the final prize of becoming a princess. For one of the participants, America Singer, this dream turned into a dream because she had to leave her family and end her forbidden love of a soldier of a lower class than her. But when America meets the Prince, all his plans are reversed …



Author: Jenny Han

If you want the spin-off series to be available on Prime, you need to read the novels! We followed Belly who since her childhood, spent all her summers at home by the beach. It was the home of his mother’s best friend, Susannah, and her sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. There, between a sea bath and jugs of iced tea, life is perfect. And then in the summer of his sixteenth birthday, things changed. Susannah smiled slightly. The men seemed farther away, especially Conrad who was more touching. This is because something has happened that is not mentioned, but Belly has her secret as well. Life is slowly returning, for each of them, and nothing is like before.



Author: MC Beaton

Lovers of murder and romance will love this Agatha Christie novel. Lady Rose is a rebellious young woman with feminist ambitions who embarrasses her parents. If a great Sir was interested in him in spite of his disastrous entry into London high society, his father doubted it. He hired Captain Harry Cathcart to investigate the homosexual. Harry discovers his talents as a private detective and knows the money that can be made in this environment. So he offers Lady Rose to join him in investigating a murder. The ideal excuse for the young woman to escape finding a husband quickly turned into a love affair … and more!



Author: MacKenzi Lee

Henry Montague, known as Monty, was a rebellious heir who spent his time gambling, drinking and flirting, further despairing of his father. After his tour of Europe, he was supposed to take over the reins of the family situation, but his unsatisfied taste of all pleasures bound him to the Old Continent, where, with his close friend Percy, he loved . , he was soon seen being chased by his father.


Author: Sarah-Maude Beauchesne


A local classic! In this trilogy, we follow Billie through an emotional summer. It was a great first summer for his teenage heart: it would break, but it wouldn’t hurt too much. There are kisses on a waterslide, from lypsyl to root beerfries filled with ketchup and blue raspberry slush. pale heart, it is also and above all a look of seduction and an attempt to understand an attractive, but somewhat complicated boy. A bright, pointless, often funny, but sometimes bitter story. Since fourteen, falling in love with a man is the most beautiful dramas.

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