Zelda Breath of the Wild: modding your weapons without cheating is possible! here’s how

news tips Zelda Breath of the Wild: modding your weapons without cheating is possible! here’s how

According to the Breath of the Wild community, each day brings its own set of glitches, and now is no exception. The benefits have increased since the discovery of Inventory Slot Transfer, and one of them seems to be a real game changer. We explain why!


  • A glitch that sends heavy
  • How to mod your weapons without hacking your console

A glitch that sends heavy

As several hours passed, the anticipation of Breath of the Wild 2 became even more intense. Scheduled for spring 2023, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still very mysterious, and fans are eager to learn more. Not only in the story of this next opus, but also in what’s new in terms of gameplay – such as the possibility of wind movement – and above all of Link’s mysterious arm, which seems to have very specific properties. Although the exit window is still a bit far, however, the players did not stand in vainas we have shown you in our latest articles.

While some have found ways to play Breath of the Wild online and co-op, others have discovered how to explore the uncharted seabed of Hyrule. But the findings didn’t stop there.because the latest glitch there probably is gave birth to a whole set of benefits that the community is happy to dissect.. One of them is likely to please many players, and even change the lives of some, because it allows you. modder of his equipment to use very useful statistics. We explain how it works:

Recently, we told you about the famous Transfer to Inventory Slot or IST, its poorly abbreviated French. The latter allows create buggy inventory slotsand therefore of duplicate itemsand even transfer from one save to another. But its usefulness doesn’t stop there, because it also provides the possibility of give the statistics of some things to others, which is the purpose of the exploitation discussed here. In fact, it is now possible transfer the properties of a recipe to a weapon thanks for Weapon Transfer. You can change your equipment if you want, and double Hyrule’s shield resistance if you will.

To activate Weapon Transfer hope WMTmust first use IST to extract 62 buggy inventory slots. We advise you to follow our detailed guide to the topic for best results. Once you’ve got your 62 slots, you need to make sure you have 2 Special items (Teleportation Amulet, Travel Saddle, etc.) and 60 Recipes in your inventory. Then you need to remove everything between the thing you want to mod and the Recipes. As an example, if you want to increase the strength of Hyrule’s shield, you need to clean it. all Clothes and Material slotsat least temporarily, as you can see below:

It’s over, move on create an automatic backup, by approaching a shrine, for example. If you load this save, the statistics associated with the last Recipe in your inventory apply to the item you selected earlier. Here it is a Enduro Remedymade of 1 Vigor Carrot and in 5 Divine Venison. When the final autosave is loaded, the properties of this drug apply to the Hyrule shield, whose resistance increases from 90 to 202. Of course you can copy this glitch into other things, and get results that are as shocking as it is interesting, such as arrows capable of shooting 10 arrows at a time.

If you want to see this glitch in action beyond the screenshots provided by ElDuende05we invite you to watch his explanatory video below:

And you, will you try to copy this glitch to improve your device? If so, don’t hesitate to share your discoveries with us in the comments!

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