WoofRun is back for its 5th edition!

Once again this year, Woof Run welcomes owners and their dogs for outdoor sports activities and many activities around man’s best friend.

During this new edition of Woof Run, many new activities await participants who will be able to have fun with their animal on more than 150 acres. For the first time, the competition “Woof Jump” allow dogs and their handlers to try Dock Diving. “It’s an activity from the United States, it’s a practice that dogs love because it allows them to jump in the water and swim. It’s not a bad activity for the joints, so it’s suitable for junior and senior dogs, ” explained Lucas Bérullier, founder and director of Woof Run. “It involves jumping into a pool as far as possible and the judges will measure how far the dog can jump.” The start of this new practice is organized in the morning and, in the afternoon, different candidates will be able to participate in the competition led by experts of the discipline.


Activities suitable for all dogs

For dogs that don’t need to be comfortable in the water, other activities and competitions await them throughout the week. The obstacle course, canicross, frisbee, cani-mountain biking or walking are accessible to all and run by professionals.

lola ledouxRunners and their four -legged friends during canicross at the 2021 edition of Woof Run

If your dog is not very reckless, go cani-paddle, doga (yoga with your dog), massage sessions, games or even the many DIY stands that will invite you to make accessories for your pet. . For the founder of Woof Run, during this event “It’s all about wellness, sport and fun.”

Lola LedouxA cani-paddle duo during the 2021 edition of the woof run

And most of all, keep your eyes open during the weekend because many network stars accompanied by their loyal four-legged friends are already accustomed to various activities. Most of them rely on managing their image on the social networks of My Pet Agency, the agency dedicated to pets created and directed by Lucas Berullier.

Master/dog sport training

For many participants, this activity was an opportunity to further strengthen their dog’s bond. This is the case of Émilie Nelson who shares her passion for the Playboy sport, her Eurohound. This dynamic duo participated in the scheduled race competition in the previous edition. “The running of the race is fun and cools the dogs when they go through the water. Playboy wasn’t very comfortable there but he agreed to cross them because I was with him, ” said Emilie Nelson.

Emily Nelson

Other participants prepared in advance to keep their animal in good shape. The Playboy mistress has decided not to work too hard on her dog at the moment and is waiting for a gentler time to continue the sports sessions with her partner. “Training will continue after the summer,” definition of the athlete. “We live in the south of France and it’s sometimes hard at this time to have enough cool temperatures to train the dogs, without the risk of heat stroke or dehydration.”

Emily Nelson

Rules to follow

Woof Run suggests that participants follow certain rules this festival weekend. For two days, referent veterinarians will ensure the health of the dogs during a check-up to be done before the activity begins. It is important to have a health record of your animal with you and to ensure that all vaccinations are updated to accommodate the events of the rules. The activities are open to all dogs from 6 months of age and children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent to participate in the sports workshops.

Alicia Mortar

Animal welfare first

The organizers pledged to respect the welfare of the animal above all and advised owners to bring a bowl with their dog so they can drink water throughout the day. They also need to remember that there are garbage bags and need to put their dog on a leash.
For dogs that are a bit shy, a device with a yellow ribbon is placed to show other owners that their dog is uncomfortable with his fellow dogs. During the Woof Run category dogs are not allowed and category 2 dogs must be put on a leash and muzzled at all times.

To participate in the “Woof Run” event with your four-legged friend, book online today. Prices: participation € 5 on request and a coupon on offer. Find all the smoke activities at the Woof Run over the weekend of September 17 & 18, 2022 at the Château de Bertichères, at Chaumont-en-Vexin 60240 (45 minutes north of Paris).

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