“There’s a light shining”: we’re in the middle of the A8’s lingering crossover

80 degrees Celsius. That’s the temperature of the coffee that Thierry stirred. 30 degrees Celsius. That was the temperature the Nîmes got at full strength when he pulled out of his station wagon.

Just before 10 a.m. in the Bréguières North rest area, Sunday July 17. Bison Futé warned: he saw red in the direction of the return of the highways. In the Mougins sector, the A8 is fluid.

We always go out on Sundays. No trucks“, launched the retiree, pointing to the corpses of heavy vehicles that heat up in the sun. Always a little more on the road. From this day on the crossover, the thermostat will obviously rise immediately.

Four departments of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region are on heat wave orange alert“, warns the voice of Radio Vinci Autoroute, reminding that the Alpes-Maritimes is already part of it.

End of a long week

So, is it crowded near refrigerators? The endless triangle sandwich – at almost 5 euros for some – and its dessert and drink formula don’t seem to move people. Well, not like before.

The youngest crowd in front of Uncle Sam’s counters was among a chain of cafes with the Alpes-Maritimes mermaid logo and another of the burgers with a big yellow M on the side of the Var.

Despite the hot wave and Sunday’s crossings on the A8, some didn’t lose their smile. Sebastien Botella’s photo.

Sodas in hand, we hydrate the Canaver area. Families gather in shady places. “It’s summer, don’t complain. But really after all, a good bath can give you benefits“, Smiled Noémie to wait a few more hours before finding her bathroom in… Maine-et-Loire.

Near Puget-sur-Argens listen to the end of a long week. The bridge on July 14 as an excuse to jump into the Mediterranean.

We were with our grandchildren in Nice. And there we went back to the North to take care of the others“, Smile Étienne and Anna, cooler in the trunk, stock up on water bottles.

“There’s a light burning”

A trip is in preparation. But sometimes, the unexpected invites himself to the passenger seat. The hood is open in the parking lot of the Var service station, Jean belches in front of a Renault: “I don’t drive, I don’t tend to drive. But within a few kilometers there was a warning light that appeared… I tried to check the coolant level.“Sigh.

Anger flared up. It’s best to let the group mechanic work. With expectations ranging from 4 to 11 hours on the road, users have a hard time keeping a smile on their faces.

Despite the hot wave and Sunday’s crossings on the A8, some didn’t lose their smile. Sebastien Botella’s photo.

Holidays are over. We line up for the toilet, we line up to pay, we line up to go home“, philosophy of a mother hoping to avoid traffic jams:”We heard that at the start of the day, it was a bit stuck in Aix. We have to join the A7, Cavaillon. We kept our cool!“Even if there is enough to cook for some.

No comments“, says a Parisian at the pump, talking about the prices shown. Can’t wait tonight, can’t wait to arrive. Finally, that’s for those who know where and who.

Exit number 36, Les Arcs, Le Muy. Before heading to Saint-Tropez, a young man gives a thumbs up. Looking back at his girlfriend and his dog in the shadows, more. Just after the toll, they tried their luck.

The ship broke down in the middle of the crossover.

Schedules, hydration, air conditioning: the right reflexes

The A8: 223 kilometers of asphalt. In order not to see its users experiencing a bad ride, the Vinci Autoroute spreads good reflexes to use on the road during these scorching times.

Also, in the first place: riding in the cooler hours of the day. Leave very early in the morning or choose at night, or even at night. The idea: don’t find yourself between 12 pm and 4 pm stuck in your seat.

Don’t forget to have water available, especially if you have children or the elderly traveling with you. And these are, albeit short, routine trips. Traffic jams can happen when you least expect it …

With an area every fifteen kilometers on average, it is possible to find free points of drinking water. In addition, the shops are air-conditioned. As much as possible, park in the shade and most of all, don’t leave anyone in the car.

Warning: high temperatures can affect your car, causing damage and engine overheating.

Apparently, in this time of drought, it is strictly forbidden to throw your cigarette out of your car, a habit that can cause fires … Vinci reminds us that “More than one in three smokers said they threw their cigarette butts out the car window”.

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