The dog finds an egg in the woods and watches it until it hatches

Erica Laurenzi was enjoying a walk with her dog, Stella, on her 250 -acre property in Maine when she suddenly noticed that the dog was playing with something that never looked like a toy. The woman quickly went to check and was surprised that Stella was holding an egg.

At first, Erica wasn’t sure what kind of egg the dog had found. Everything was a mystery at the time, but he and his girlfriend tried to find out where the egg came from to return it to his nest, but they could not be found nearby.

The woman told The Dodo:

“Surprised that the female dog can’t break this egg, we look for a nest. After an hour, no luck. I am the biggest advocate of motherhood when the opportunity arises ”.


A dog saw an egg in the forest and did not want to leave it

Not finding a nest near the property, Erica brought the egg home. The woman had been rehabilitating the birds before, so she had some knowledge of the subject and quickly began to research how to care for the mystery egg.

Erica recalls:

“I kept many sparrows and robins, but I never cared for or laid eggs. The googling started right away … I knew it was an egg, but not sure what kind. We thought it was a turkey, as we had seen many times eating the ground. I put the egg on my sports top and headed to Tractor Supply to look for the Rolls-Royce in the incubators. Nothing but the best to give this egg the best chance to fight ”.


Erica left the egg in the incubator, where he remained for 25 days. She did all she could to take care of it, and right on the morning of her birthday, it finally started to hatch. Stella watched and patiently waited by his side. The dog was so proud of the egg that he found that he wanted to help his master accept him into the world.

Erica said:

“The morning it started to erupt, you could tell Stella knew something had happened. We placed the incubator on the kitchen counter, out of reach of any possible threat. At the end of the day, we sat side by side on our counter stools while removing the egg shell. Stella watched him intently all night as he dried and healed.

Stella was completely engrossed in the whole process, and when the chick finally hatched it was amazing.


Erica added:

“We were very sure, after all our research on the egg, that it was a fruit, but we were still amazed and amazed that everything this little bird needed was there. within an egg we kept for almost a month. »

The truth is that Stella is in love with her new chick friend, but Erica is trying to keep her away. In fact, while he plans to return the chick to the wild later, he doesn’t want him to think that all dogs or wild animals are friendly, because it could put his life in danger.

Finally, Erica said:

“Stella came in and looked to the side of the incubator to observe her new friend, exchanging glances and small shouts.”

Erica may have no idea what will happen when Stella finds this mysterious egg, but she and her partner are very happy with the results. Now they are eagerly waiting for the right time to bring it back to the wild place where it really is.

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