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Outriders from Square Enix and People Can Fly returned to service a little over a year after their arrival on the planet Enoch for a DLC that somewhat changes the game system and offers a new adventure. Will the Worldslayer expansion be able to convince players to live this Looter-Shooter?

An epic expedition

Worldslayer directly follows the events that end the main campaign and the many expeditions launched by the players. The anomaly that must end as a result of the actions of the Outriders continues to grow and directly threatens the final survivors. The planet Enoch is also witnessing the arrival of a new threat to human colonies. The Commander, the new leader of the Insurgent faction, is determined to take control of the area and impose by force a personal vision of the future of the people.

This new expedition, conceived by the screenwriters of People Can Fly and whose final duration is about 4 to 8 hours, captures many of the action story archetypes that evoke testosterone and gunpowder. Rarely surprising, the main campaign can be appreciated for what it is… an account release. The game, still as standard, remains similar to the original game, and is content to punctuate the game’s stages, in real gun fights, with well-crafted cutscenes.

For others, the Outriders are in a familiar place. The mission objectives follow each other smoothly at the heart of the environments that once remove themselves from the gray-brown tones that are highly criticized by the players. Cannons with warm tones, blue deserts covered in ice, and more. artists take advantage of their color palettes for a convincing result that emphasizes a sense of disorientation. The planet Enoch was finally discovered and stands for some architectural and natural eccentricities that make it a singular and memorable star.

The way to steal

Outriders Worldslayer is also trying to change the formula of its video game, and especially its RPG mechanics. Confrontations are always nervous and mobile, and it is true that the rise of Outriders has been given new options. ” ‘Players can now choose from two unique specializations for each class (Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, Trickster). This second tree of passive and active skills called PAX allows you to constantly refine the style of play adopted a little more.

People Can Fly studios are pushing for the adaptation of survivors though by putting together a new system called Ascension that gives points to be awarded to different characters. Thus it is possible to strengthen its endurance, to increase life points or to increase the powers associated with the anomaly, and so on. with the goal of becoming the most powerful Outrider to step on the surface of the planet Enoch. These game additions reward the capabilities of the weapons and guarantee a great life span estimated at +100 hours by the developers. They even took the time to change the difficulty system and changed it to “Apocalypse Tier” for the occasion … Mass is over!

Adaptable to the fly according to the forces available, it allows Outriders to balance battles and face more difficult challenges. If successful, it will result in more epic theft… legendary weapons and equipment that will delight players. These opportunities offered by People Can Fly are not so much to defeat a new bestiary and an audience of rebellious bosses at will. Despite this never-ending and pleasurable quest for the ultimate theft, the Outriders can’t erase this sense of repetitive aiming at the end of its weapon after hours of killing relentless waves of enemies. .

Outriders Wolrdslayer: An epic DLC for the action game Square Enix


Strong points

  • A very epic epic
  • New RPG mechanics (PAX, Ascension, etc.)
  • The abundance of theft
  • Lifespan (+100 hours of play)
  • The Apocalypse Tier

Weak points

  • Another sketchy game
  • The same feeling recurring after a few hours

Outriders Wordslayer is exactly the extension that fans of Square Enix’s Looter-Shooter have been waiting for. If there is no change either in the game or in the genre, this DLC is more generous in content and offers enough new features to inspire players to return to the planet Enoch. People Can Fly refines its title in its own way and embellishes the desired nervous and satisfying adventure.

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