Red Dead Online: With GTA 6, the game is considered “dead” by Rockstar fans! Why?

Game news Red Dead Online: With GTA 6, the game is considered “dead” by Rockstar fans! Why?

While Rockstar Games formalized the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 a few months ago, Red Dead Online was the scene of bizarre images. Players take the stage to mourn the “death” of the game. Why? What’s the next GTA involved? Follow the leader!

The robbers, dressed in black, knelt in front of a grave. “Thank you for these good times” wrote one surfer, on Twitter, when another said “since 2018 you have wished us well, 2022 you have given us regrets”. In the hashtag RedDeadFuneralplayers mourn the “death” of Red Dead Online, the online dimension of Red Dead Redemption 2. Last week, the developer of this Rockstar Games had advertisement place end of “major content updates”, which is often expressed around themes (Moonshiners, Naturalist, Blood Money). The additions to the content more specifically introduce new scripted missions and new roles, the equivalent of character classes. In the future, Red Dead Online will therefore have to make “developments” and “special seasonal events.” For the players, the Wild West is almost over.

Is Red Dead already dead?

Discontent with video game cowboys is not new. In response to our Twitter post, fans said they were disappointed with the July 2021 update-while the site gameranx discontent has already been seen in the past year. The story is taken in any case new dimension starting this year, while another hashtag, SaveRedDeadOnline, unites the crowds on the popular social network. At the time, our article noted the following quote: “Two years have passed without feeling from Rockstar. They didn’t care, the support and love for Red Dead 2 disappeared. That’s for Grand Theft Auto V from now on! ” Players then hoped for more quality content in the game and Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two (company that owns Rockstar Games) explained the “hearing of disappointment” among Internet users. Content that unfortunately does not come.

What promises have not been fulfilled (for Red Dead Online, editor’s note)? Frankly, they are all. This is the worst online Rockstar ever made. Money management etc. is not good. The smallest purchase takes hours and hours of farming. And the content SINCE its release is ridiculous – The player “Aredi”, followed our message on Twitter

Yes, because there’s another elephant in the room: Grand Theft Auto, whose fifth installment GTA 5 remains by far the second best -selling game of all time – 165 million copies worldwide since 2013 out of three generations of consoles – made fame in the studio and its parent company. On the sidelines of solo adventure, especially in the online dimension of the title we owe this great longevity. During the seven years of existence, GTA Online, a true “game within a game”, has a chain of successful updates, which allows players to create criminal organizations, participate in wacky urban races, not forgetting robberies and adding new scripted missions. An example of the genre, comparable to the power of Fortnite, and that “is changing the Rockstar business” according to Strauss Zelnick in a 2017 interview.

GTA 6 in the viewfinder

Obviously if you can find an efficient economic model, you won’t forget it anytime soon. It’s clear: the franchise’s new installment, Grand Theft Auto 6, will also put the package in the online dimension (Rockstar hasn’t specified anything on this topic yet). A component that is undoubtedly in operation today all studio resources and where Red Dead Online – but also GTA Online on a small scale – was the first victim. To justify stopping the big new content in the Wild West online, Rockstar wrote on his blog that it “assigns a large portion of its team to the development of the next Grand Theft Auto opus”. As a reminder, the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 has appealed to a total of over 3,000 people!

Red Dead Redemption therefore sees itself as the huge sacrifice of studios and companies with crazy ambitions that have their eyes “looking to the future”, as Kotaku puts it. On Twitter, two camps have emerged: those enthusiastic about the idea that GTA 6 is now Rockstar’s number one priority; those who raise a waste of looking at potential from Red Dead Online. A potential Dan Houser – co -founder of the studio who left the ship in 2020 – is considered comparable to GTA. “We want (Red Dead Online, editor’s note) to be as strong as Grand Theft Auto Online, when it gets its marks artistically” he explained in an interview, given in 2018.

In the beginning, (for Red Dead Online, editor’s note) they promised a slow, completely identical evolution of our character as the game pushes us to spend our time (…) There is so much potential, professions, activities ” – The player “NiamoR”, followed our message on Twitter

Return the feat

The rest of the story you know. Interestingly, though, Strauss Zelnick has always been smart about GTA 5 | Red Dead Redemption 2. “It’s hard to expect something as successful as the most beneficial cultural product of all time” he said in July 2018, a few months before the release of the second installment of Wild West. “I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation! Our hope, as well as our belief, is that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a unique creative product and it will be very good ”. The sequel will prove him right, even if it’s more of a solo adventure than multiplayer. Today, Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold 43 million units and Take Two thinks “satisfied”In online success.

Of course, the goal of Grand Theft Auto 6 is for all features to be validated by the press and by the players. But how can you imagine a success as loud as the fifth? Strauss Zelnick’s saying also applies here: it’s hard to do better than someone who has already won it all, especially after the controversies over the remaster of the Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition that damaged Rockstar’s reputation. What is certain, however, is that the studio and Take Two will do everything to touch the GTA 5 records. Even if it means throwing away a good Wild West adventure.

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