MOUNDOUVOU: Clara, developed her life made of love and traveled throughout Europe

Born in Hell-Bourg, in the Salazie circus, Clara grew up in Sainte-Clotilde. Living in a complicated family context, he decided to do his military service outside the department. Now in her fifties, she already has a husband and children aged 25 and 27. Clara shares her daily life with you on in the #MOUNDOUVOU section.

From Reunion, Clara left to do her military service outside the island. Afterwards, he decided to join the army, a solution he found ideal to distance himself from his complicated family environment, while being in a safe place.

A Reunion in Germany

Arriving in Bülh, Germany in November 1990, Clara relates: “I arrived in a climate I did not expect: cold, 80cm of snow and a wind blowing through the coconut trees, but also a language barrier and a different cuisine (food I was not used to) in food.). I realized after a week (very much the same) that I had the ability to adapt to everything in this new environment.“, he introduced.

There Clara met the future father of her children: “There I met the father of my childrenas he said, from Oise, where I lived in 1992 in his native region – where we raised our family – before moving to Ariège in 2003. So my first trip was the result of the need to preserve myself. The next two are the consequences of our family life project“, he expressed himself.

A few moves

Clara testifies:My move to Picardy a few years later was not so difficult because I was already accustomed to the European climate. What touched me, during my vacations with my partner who was from metropolitan France, was the bad words and appearance of the color of my skin, and I missed my family very much. All this requires a certain determination and open mind.“, he launched.

He continues: “At the cultural level, I learned to cook Picardy and metropolitan dishes, on the one hand to please my wife and her family, on the other hand to improve my culinary knowledge. Ariège allowed me to discover mountain-related activities (hiking, winter sports, etc.), new sights (chalets, snowy terrain, etc.) and culinary specialties. (Bethmale, croustade, rouzole, Easter omelette, ‘azinat, mounjetado…). After all, what I miss most about Reunion is the Reunionese mentality (the greatest place for family, collaboration, togetherness), Kréol and the varied and colorful local cuisine.“, He explained

Nurse and returned to Reunion

Clara says:I am a nurse with polypathological seniors. I welcomed them and installed it in their room, and gave them the care that would allow them, depending on the case, to leave our structure in better shape or make their end of life as comfortable as possible. . I love working with our seniors because they have so much to pass on to us and I love listening to their life journeys. Being part of a multidisciplinary team is also an aspect of this profession that I love because we work in collaboration, thanks to our specialties that are complementary to any path of care.“, he expressed himself.

Whenever she had the chance, Clara would spend time with her children. She does meditation and manual activities such as painting through numbers and diamond embroidery. Later back on the island, he said: “My short-term projects are to move south to Reunion Island (planned for October), to find work in a hospital structure and to get my little box. In a few years, I want to thrive in the professional environment, possibly becoming an Advanced Practice Nurse“, he said.

He said: “The advice I would give to a Reunionese who wants to leave the island is above all to take the time to find out his destination (it’s easy in every way we can now!), To explore, to have one in a specific way. be open minded and start trusting yourself“.

My message for the people of Reunion: come, cook the firewood, we are celebrating!“, He concluded

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