MotoGP Ducati Gigi Dall’Igna laments this: “it has become difficult to maintain good relations with other manufacturers”

With Ducati’s arrival in MotoGP, Japanese manufacturers, which were once dominant, regarded the Italian brand as a stooge whose only interest was to bring a touch of exoticism to the field. But for actual competition, serious people are out of the land at sunrise. In 2022, the same lived in their twilight as the red dawn broke with a Desmosedici who never ceased to admire the innovations allowed by regulations but no thought. A blow that was not suffered with good grace and within the MSMA manufacturers association, we fought against this counterpart that became difficult. Gigi Dall’Igna confirms this uplifting update …

Ducati Is it wrong for him to be a very good student in a class where it is not good to shake up a hierarchy whose merit alone does not determine rank? Because financial, economic and political weight is important. It will be recalled that the regulations in any way do not impose ailerons and other take-off aid devices and other behavioral correctors. Which means, for those who say they are currently hurt by their presence, that they can do completely without it. Unfortunately for them, the same regulations allow them to work on these elements, to invest in them, to develop them, and to give them opportunities to be more efficient.

If we are fairly honest with ourselves, we know the opponent has done a good job and we acknowledge his or her choices. In MotoGP, however, the losers claim to change the rules that should be in line with their vision and erase the losses suffered. As for talking about the satiety motorcycle series, keep in mind that MotoGP is something of a prototypes. A great deal of competition was provided for the production machines and it was called the WSBK Superbike.

That being said, Ducati found itself in this MSMA confronting five other manufacturers playing it like an “organized gang” to point out that the Front Ride Height Device is the innovation that is so much, the straw that broke the back of the camel but also the initiative that burned the powder. . Because the Italian brand hasn’t been idle since Gigi Dall’Igna took it out of his head to make it thrive. His job, he can think of it in 2022. During the first eleven races, Enea Bastianini won three victories, Pecco Bagnaia as many, almost all pilots except Marina and By Giannantonio, equipped his bike to be on the podium at least once, and eight pole positions were recorded in total. True, it is a Fabio Quartararo with Yamaha leading the championship. But it is first and foremost an individual achievement as it is done Mark Marquez during its time at Honda. The gifts are gone, we know what’s going on, and it’s not going to happen DucatiThe fire

Ducati: ” it is not fair that the FRHD device is banned after 2022

Therefore, the coat of arms of Borgo Panigale, which is smaller than its rivals in the motorcycle market, will no longer make the noble staff laugh. It is time to put it back on line and the first major offensive is to ban FRHD with a view to 2023. This is while current regulations allow it, while the determination of the elements that will drive its expulsion continues. in development. But the decision has already been made. Since then, in MotoGP, we have known that preventive strikes are also possible there.

An action that has this consequence: political emancipation. In Speedweek, Gigi Dall’Igna revealed: ” relationships with other manufacturers improved significantly during the pandemic. At that time, we had a lot to talk about together at distant meetings. Thanks to these discussions, we got some great ideas for the championship “. And then the time in 2022 came:” but since we started using the Front Ride Height Device it has been difficult to maintain a good relationship within MSMA “.

Gigi Dall’Igna regret: ” I can’t determine the regulations on my own or alone. I just try to understand the rules and do the things that are allowed “. And as these innovations allowed, there was a sense of injustice that began to rise:” it’s not fair that the FRHD device is banned after 2022. But if it’s all against me, my hands are tied “. And he concludes: I couldn’t, I had to accept this change “. Meanwhile Ducati never violated any of the rules.

Note that since the FRHD coup successful, its promoters are now leading the way in the ailerons. but Carmelo Ezpeletachief of Dorna, apparently squealed at the end of the recess by remembering that the regulations will remain as they are until 2027, as agreed by all the founders at the time of their adoption.

Gigi Dal'Igna

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