KRTB dog boarding schools are full

Dog owners looking to put their pet in a boarding house in the region to vacation should find an alternative solution. KRTB dog boarding schools, Complexe CAMA in Saint-Pascal and Entre Bons Pattes in Saint-Antonin, are busy during the holiday season.

For a few months, the weekend was full of two companies. Waiting lists are established when there are customer cancellations. A few areas remained available for a week, except for construction and the following. At the CAMA Complex, the next ones are available for the weekend rather than September. The companies mentioned that reservations were made for next summer and that it was the best way to get a spot.

“We already have reservations for the holiday season. For busy times, you need to think about it at least two months in advance, ”said Olivia Bolduc Després, groomer, animal health technician and employee of the CAMA Complex. Catherine Leblond, pension owner and animal health technician, believes the continuation of post-pandemic activities is one of the causes of traffic in dog boarding schools: “People, during a pandemic, bought a lot of puppies. We have really seen that, even at veterinarians, people no longer have appointments ”.

“If all clients give their pension, it’s a perfect world,” says Stéphanie Gosselin of Entre Bons Pattes. He said it is the duty of owners to plan where to place their dog, to avoid trusting people with malicious intent or abandoning their animal. He witnessed such a situation last summer. People leave their pets in places they can’t visit. When they returned to pick up their dog a month later, he was malnourished, abused, infected and hidden in a cage filled with his urine and feces, again according to Ms. Gosselin.

“It’s unfortunate that I’ve heard so many of these stories in the region,” Ms. Gosselin. There are too many hidden boarding houses with no permits and no regulations. He pointed out that you should not hesitate to ask about permits, certification of people and to visit the places where their dog will be kept to check the cleanliness of the place. Si Ms. Leblond from CAMA shared this opinion: “I’m afraid to watch my dog ​​someone say to me: no, I won’t show you where he sleeps, because we don’t do that.” He added that he didn’t hesitate -two to make a surprise visit to the boarding house, to find out exactly how their animal lives.


“It doesn’t require a lot of permits except for the most important: the kennel permit. It doesn’t go away easily. I’m really lucky, because I already have a permit here. When I bought it, it was a recovery. People tried to start a business like that and it didn’t work, ”Ms. Leblond.

In order for a permit to be issued, the business must be located in an agricultural zone. Conditions change from one town to another, for example with regard to the noise of barking, saddles, then fields and streams. If not other than land, proper infrastructure and good preparation, nothing else is needed.


The best solution to the lack of places in boarding schools during the summer, according to Catherine Leblond, is to bring owners their dogs to travel with them. He said more and more places are accepting it, making it easier for vacationers. “We need to live more in the community with our animals, they are not quite a part of our lives,” launched the owner of the CAMA Complex. Taking them anywhere makes dogs more social, more accustomed to petting look at anything, anyone and hear any noise.It makes dogs balance at the end of the line.

This aspect is particularly one of the problems of “COVID puppies”, which are hidden from the first years of their birth. More fearful and reserved, going out and socializing can help desensitize them to other dogs as well as strangers.

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