I have an electric bike stolen in the amount of 3000 €

At first there was nothing. Then Man invented the wheel. After 2022, Cowboy invented the Cowboy 4 ST electric bike. Then again: nothing, because I stole it. On June 2, 2022, the editorial staff at JV Tech was pleased to receive the Cowboy 4 ST for testing. The perfect opportunity to do our first electric bike test, but obviously, not everything went as planned …

My love of cycling

As a kid, and as much as I could, I rode my older sisters ’bikes to learn how to ride them. A love story was born, between me and the world of cycling.

And that’s good, all my elementary school friends are passionate about speed, but most of all, cross country. From the age of 7, I started running down the slopes of the small cross-country track that was in my small town.

From BMX to the skate park, to cyclocross on steep bumps on the track, I have nothing to fear. But obviously, I’m too busy with other passions to keep doing cross country, and even cycling.

When the editorial staff got this electric bike to try it out, I jumped at the chance. I’m going to go cycling for the first time in my life in the Paris region, and believe me, it’s very different than my native countryside …

My first impression of the high-end Cowboy 4 ST electric bike

Apparently, I know we don’t deal with cyclocross or similar bikes, but for the first time, I’ll try an electric bike, and a relatively expensive bike as well.

In early June, the editorial staff finally received the Cowboy 4 ST, a class of electric bike with many options. Who says there are many options, says the price increase… And this is the case to say it because the Cowboy 4 ST is sold at a fair price of 2790 €.

The Cowboy 4 ST is a high-end electric bike made by the brand of the same name. After making 3 generations of bikes, Cowboy 4 is presented as the culmination of their work. Full of features, a removable battery, an ultra-complete application, everything is perfect to give me a very good experience.

After a brief explanation of the main functions of the cowboy 4 ST, I hurried to place it in the bike room provided for this purpose. After a lot of internal problems, it was impossible for me to recover it on the same night. Somewhat disappointed, I just rode the bus until the problem was solved.

It’s over! A week later, I finally rode the cowboy 4 ST. Strange first impressions: a pleasing grip and an improved start that really changed me from classic bikes.

On the first trip home, the appetite forced me to walk around different blocks of buildings multiple times, just to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of wandering the Paris region without getting stuck in traffic.

A good half hour passed, I finally went back to my building where I hurried to put the bike in the room, which was located on my ground floor.

I have an electric bike stolen in the amount of 3000 €

All night, I had only one desire: to climb the cowboy 4 ST to go for a ride, but the obligations of adults you know … So I have to wait until the next day to enjoy a trip during the fresh morning, between my house and the editorial staff at jeuxvideo.com.

After two full weeks of use, the drama is fast approaching … In the dark and … No, something crazy happened, which led to the theft of the 4 ST cowboy.

The Flight of the Cowboy 4 ST, a drama in one act

When I started holding the 4 ST cowboy, tragedy hit my building: all the floors were flooded … Poor work on the part of one of the owners damaged the entire water system … I haven’t long had my electric bike storage solution.

What’s more, there was the fact that I had to hurry for an important meeting, the pressure went up and I then decided to hang the bike on a barrier located right in front of my living room, that way, I always had my eye on it. .

I’m also obsessed, I look like a good countryman (that’s what Parisians call it), I look safe on my bike. The road is always congested and yet I can peek at it whenever I want. Well, that’s what I thought.

After a long night of working, I decided to sleep a little, I really deserved it.

Waking up just a few hours later, at 7am, my first instinct was to go and see if the bike was still there. And obviously he’s gone … How did I react when I saw that the bike was gone? Download the cowboy app to see if I can track the GPS chip located on the bike frame, but never… The cowboy 4 ST bike, which cost € 2790 is gone… I then hurried to notify my editor to i report the theft. After that, I had to go to the police station to report the theft

Many questions started in my mind: what will happen to me? Can we find the bike? How did my colleagues react? To all of these questions, one answer is for sure, I can’t find the bike because the GPS is clearly not working.

A bike ready for a test, cost 2790 €, completely lost… This is the life I didn’t plan to live, but hey, whatever happens.

Conclusion of this bad experience

While I am happy and proud to take this test, the Paris region is better for me. I think I can still do something to not steal this bike, but you can’t change the past.

I have an electric bike stolen in the amount of 3000 €

A day outside is too much. If you have a relatively expensive bike, tell yourself that thieves will notice it right away. And tell yourself that even with a large metal padlock tied to the frame, theft is unstoppable.

If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that you need to always return your bike to a place, a room, or whatever. A few hours may be enough and there is a bad surprise early in the morning.

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