Béthune: a treasure hunt to discover the city differently

Until August 8, the Heritage Foundation is organizing treasure hunts in 14 of the locations selected by the Heritage Mission, including the Béthune belfry. An opportunity for visitors and locals alike to visit the town in a different way, with prizes to be won.

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It all started at Grand Place. In the center, the belfry, is impressive. It is located 62 meters above sea level. Geographical, political, historical, cultural and emotional center of the city of Béthune, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. At the entrance, the QR code stamped heritage mission caught the eye of a mother and her two children. woman, who was from the Paris region to visit. ” It can be wonderful to discover the city
“Said the young woman.

And in fact, if we scanned the QR code, it was a real treasure hunt the town had to offer us. The game first invites us to raise our heads, to aspire. To answer the questions we need to observe what is around us, starting with what is on top of the bell tower. Fish, dog or dragon? To find the right answer, you need to observe.

You have to go under the bell tower to find the QR code that leads to the treasure hunt
You have to go under the bell tower to find the QR code that leads to the treasure hunt – VDNPQR

But far from confined to the bell tower, the following questions take us on a tour of the Great Place. Check out the front of the town hall, look for La Maison du Canon, see the gables of some of the buildings… We were taken to take a closer look at the buildings that we could only ignore while walking -agi.

Learn the history of the city

The rest of the treasure hunt took us past the church of Saint-Vaast, the largest of the churches in Bethune. An excuse to learn more about the city’s history and the Charitables brotherhood. This brotherhood, which still exists today, accompanies families during their mourning. Adorned with their famous black cocked hat, they were at the graves and carried the coffin to the cemetery.

Prizes are ready

The play went on and took us in front of the town’s municipal theater, while we were forced to constantly look around us, to discover, among other things, the front of the town’s former fire hall. A detour through the chapel of Saint-Pry and we returned to the foot of the bell tower.

For the most attentive, able to answer all the questions in the game, the prizes must be won after a draw. Among the prizes to be won: an evening in a guest room at Château Rosa Bonheur, but also a visit to the museum, book or
tote bags

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