After three months of relationship, my boyfriend ghosted me

In ninth grade, a new guy appeared in my class. I had never seen it before. He was new, he didn’t know her. In this class, I have no friends. I prefer to be alone. He would come to talk to me and if necessary to form groups, he would come with me so I would not be left behind.

We started forming a duo. We always talk to each other, whether in class, outside or on social networks. Before going to class, we always expect to work together on the road. My classmates tease us, tell us we love each other in secret, something will happen. By the way, boring napud mi kay best friends ra mi. Mao ra. We have a strong relationship. It doesn’t even mean we love each other. So we decided to let them speak.

At first, everything was nice and rosy

During the holidays, we always talk to each other on social networks, we talk about anything and everything. We were always looking for a way to restart the conversation. I already realize that I love him. My declaration to her on December 24, 2020. It’s just mutual. Everything is beautiful, everything is pink. We talked every day, like our best friend, but now we are a couple.

When I go back to school, I am scared and I like to look for him. Afraid that he would change his behavior with others, hurry because I don’t see him much during school holidays. In class, we are discreet so as not to disturb others.

He left me to “see what is seen”

By the end of the third month of the relationship, his attitude had changed. He started hanging out with other women and was a little calculating to me. I am the one who should always go to him. On social networks, the same thing, he left me “seen on seen”. A ghost. I discovered another face, completely different.

A guy like I don’t have, and like he’s single. I informed him of these changes in behavior. He was suddenly angry: “Stop breaking my balls.” Then threatened to block me on social networks. He suddenly changed his mood.

I neglected it. Other arguments arose. I asked him what was going on. He assured me that everything was fine and he still loved me. Foolishly, I believed him and I nodded like a doggie. In the days that followed, his behavior towards me was “normal” again, replying to my messages, sending me Snaps. I was relieved, for now I was telling myself “phew”. But it won’t last …

Last month in our relationship

We made our first kiss at the end of the fourth month of our relationship. The first kiss of my life, about me. I was so happy, and so was he. I feel like our relationship has changed. Until I saw him hanging out with women again, even though he forbade me to talk to men. The vein.

I explained to him that his behavior didn’t suit me. He replied jealous I think. Then he played dead again for a few days. I have no news of him on social media. Nothing. This time, I decided not to go to him. A week later, he sent me a Snap to apologize and became “normal” again, kind, considerate and gentle with me. I forgive him for everything, I love him so much. That’s a lesson to learn: don’t love someone more than they love you because you are the only one who will suffer.

The last month of our relationship was just a lot. He barely talks to me, he still leaves me “to watch” on Snapchat. When I saw him the next day at school, he acted like nothing had happened. His behavior is normal. I was scared. He was clearly making fun of me. I didn’t say anything. He ended this relationship.

Boys, I don’t trust you

It sends me this message: “You always talk to guys, it annoys me. Leave it at that. “ This is clearly a lie. He wanted to find a reason to leave me. It was hard to go back to school the next day because he was in my class. He won’t talk to me anymore. It was as if I was no longer in his eyes.

This year I was in high school. He, in another. We met at a party. He talked to me as if nothing had happened, as if he had no manners, as if he didn’t care about me during the summer. He even had the nerve to flirt with my best friend in front of me. For me, it’s dead. I don’t talk to him anymore. This story saddens me, I don’t like going to class anymore.

Now I don’t trust men and men. I’m still struggling to forget it and, right now, I don’t want a new relationship with a guy. I focused on the courses, but I didn’t lose hope of finding the right one.

Nairobi, 15, high school student, Grande-Synthe

This testimonial comes from writing workshops conducted in ZEP (the priority expression zone), a medium that supports the expression of young people aged 15 to 25, who attest to their daily life as well as all the news about them.

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