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So what gives flying dragon in Dragonflight? Well listen, since I don’t have access to alpha yet, I can only watch others doing this, but it also allows me to have time to bring you some feedback from early testers.

How does it work?

The flight interface is simple. If you are riding a dragon, a bar will appear on the screen. It represents your momentum and is filled as you fly in an empty way as you progress. Below the bar are Stamina points that you can use to activate certain abilities (take a run, climb in height, spiral to gain speed). Stamina recharges at a rate of one point every 30 seconds while you’re down, so it’s easy.

If you gain enough speed, your dragon will gain the Thrill of the Skies buff, which will generate a Stamina point every 15 seconds while you are in the air. As a result, you may be able to fly higher than suggested on your first try.

The first flights required a bit of adjustment, but as such handling was still quick. This is a good sign because the Azure span, the only place alpha has access to right now, is not the one where you’ll start your Dragonflight flight experience. So it lacks preliminary searches that allow for a smooth start.

So good? Really!

Flying the dragonback will relegate the classic flying mounts to the old. Two main reasons were given by the testers: they were slower and more annoying to use.

Dragon Islands was actually designed from the beginning to fly there on the back of a dragon. Based on early feedback, this was a unique feature that was not fully appreciated when the expansion was announced.

Accessing a flying mountain usually allows you to complete activities faster. That’s exactly what dragon-riding offers with added benefits. They are faster than a typical mountain, which is useful because the island areas are so large. In addition, the developers modeled the scenes on the fact that all players have a mount in mind. As a result, you have to climb mountains, enter caves on your mountain or get off a cliff and rush towards an NPC located below.

Many games are also available, with set routes to complete in the quickest time. The game will then give you a medal whose color corresponds to your best time. Dragons are also customizable and benefit from an interface reminiscent of character creation.

For Taliesin, Blizzard offers here a nice feature that acts as a real change for a system that still celebrates 15 years of its existence and hasn’t had a single iota. Instead of asking players to walk again and then use the escape masters, the developers give the player an activity that makes you want to explore the world and is often fun to use. This makes the journeys more fun and you will no doubt find yourself wandering among the trees, climbing very high in the sky and then jumping to the ground slowly. It’s also an impunity system because your dragon will never fall. It flew and finally landed quietly. You can never get the damage from a fall.

In short, players ’first impressions were very good, to the point that they were already wondering if Blizzard wouldn’t have to provide a similar system for the next expansion … or allow the use of dragon flight in other continent. .

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